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Revamp your verge with native plants

Revamp your verge with native plants

Revamp your verge with native plants

Thursday 18 May 2023

If you’re revamping your verge, consider using local native plants.

And if you’re wondering which plants to use, we have a list of 53 different species that are recommended – ranging from groundcovers to grasses and low shrubs.

They include native bluebells, Running Postman, berry saltbush, and chocolate lilies.

A rebate of up to $30 is available to residents who purchase native plants for their gardens or on their verges if purchased from an Indigenous Plant supplier.

Other verge treatments that are permitted include lawn or grass, mulch, low plants, or permeable paving.

Under Council’s Verge Management Policy, artificial turf currently used on verges can remain in place. But it cannot be reinstated once the turf reaches its end of life.

Other verge treatments that are not permitted include:

  • Raised edges
  • Plants that cannot be maintained to a maximum height of 500mm
  • Plants with spines or thorns, or are declared pest plants
  • Concrete or non-permeable paving

Please apply to Council before you change your verge by filling in a verge development form which does not incur any fees.

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