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A verge is the portion of land that lies between the edge of the road and the adjacent property line.

This area can include a footpath, parking space, a nature strip, trees, bus stops, and a variety of street furniture and signage.

Verges are public land and the Local Government Act provides that a road extends from property boundary to property boundary and includes the carriageway and verge.

Verge Maintenance

Many residents prefer to manage and maintain the verge in front of their residences to a higher standard than the service level provided by the council.

Where residents are unable to maintain the verge adjacent to their property, the City of Holdfast Bay will provide basic maintenance services to ensure the verge area does not present an unacceptable risk to the community.

Creating a Nature Strip

We encourage residents to create and maintain their verge as nature strips to beautify the street and help cool the environment. If you would like to alter the verge outside your property (not including the footpath or paved areas) into a nature strip, please complete and submit a Section 221 Verge Application Form.

Permitted nature strip treatments include:

  • lawn, mulch
  • small plants under 500 mm in height
  • permeable surfaces such as dolomite

We encourage planting resilient local native species. We have provided a list of acceptable and appropriate local Adelaide species below, which can be used safely in nature strips. A rebate of 50% up to $40 is available through Council if you purchase plants indigenous to the area (those that are on the list supplied) from an indigenous plant supplier. For more information about our rebates, please see the Green Living Rebates page.

Impermeable paving and new installations of artificial turf are not allowed on verges. The City of Holdfast Bay will not allow removal or damage to street trees on the verge.

More details are available in the Verge Management Policy. After you submit a verge application, we will confirm whether it meets the required standards.

Verge 221 Application form

Please ensure you have the following documents ready to upload before completing the form:

  • The contractor’s Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency (if applicable).
  • A plan or diagram indicating the proposed works.
Are you the Property Owner? 

To obtain approval, all property owners must endorse the application. Please submit strata meeting minutes or a signed agreement from all property owners . If you do not have this document available now you are still able to proceed with the application form. Council Admin will you contact you to provide the strata group approval.

Contact details
Applicant details 
Is your postal address different from your property address?
Postal Address

Please complete if different to property address

Worksite details

Work Site Details

Site Address

Proposed Timings of Works

(Detail description of the proposed work, plant species and material to be used)

(dolomite and lawn does not require a labelled plan)

Does this application relate to a Development Application?  

Please note approval is granted subject to development application approval.

Details of work

Please provide further details and a sketch of the proposed works including dimensions, boundaries, proposed works, materials, north arrow, property numbers, street names, kerb, trees, Stobie poles, parking controls, driveways and stormwater infrastructure.

If you are using a contractor to perform any of the works on the verge, please upload the contractor’s public liability insurance Certificate of Currency for at least TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS ($20,000,000) below.


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  • Safe continuous pedestrian access along the verge area is provided with a minimum width of 1.5 metres, regardless of whether or not a footpath has been constructed.
  • There is no obstruction to traffic sight lines, once vegetation is fully established.
  • The existing ground level is maintained.
  • There is access for Council and Service Authorities for the installation of new infrastructure and maintaining existing infrastructure (underground and above ground).
  • Provision is made for a street tree(s) as per Council’s Tree Management Policy. Council may plant street tree(s) at any time at their discretion.
  • Permeable surfaces are strongly preferred and encouraged. Compacted quarry sand, or similar, is not preferred and can only be used when permeable options are not considered appropriate. Street trees are protected, and permeable material is placed in the vicinity of trees.
  • The property owner understands that the ongoing maintenance rests with them and that any alterations may be removed by Council.
    If the verge plan changes to what was proposed in the application, then an amended approval is required.

Weed Spraying

We regularly spray weeds on the footpaths and on verges across the City of Holdfast Bay. If you don't want us to spray on the verge outside your home, you can request to be on the No Weed Spray List by contacting our customer service team. If your verge is visibly well maintained, we will not undertake weed spraying.

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All mail should be sent to:

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