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A Street Meet is a resident run street party where the focus is on neighbours creating connections and children playing together out in the street.

Running a Street Meet is simple, fun, and free and is a great way for you and your neighbours to reclaim your street as a space to connect and play.

How do I organise a Street Meet?

A resident or group of residents along the street needs to be the main event organiser/s. You do not require any specific Event Management training/background. The main task will involve approaching your neighbours to get them on board with the proposed street meet (via door knocking, Facebook group, letterbox drop). Once you have the support of your street for the event, simply complete a Street Meet application and submit it to us.

Street Meet Application Form

i.e 3pm

i.e 10pm

How many people on the street do you predict will attend? *

Operational Details

Names of COVID Marshals

please enter two names

Traffic Safety Marshals

i.e BBQ, Cold Foods, Fruit, hot pies, bain marie

sporting, chalk drawing, music, kid games

Will you be having any live music and/or using a PA at your event?

Not to be used after 10pm

Your details


Terms and Conditions

If our Street Meet is approved by council, I understand I/we must complete the following tasks:

  • Complete a COVID Safe Plan
  • Appoint two COVID Safe Marshals who have undertaken the COVID Marshal online certification
  • Appoint a traffic marshal with the responsibility of ushering any cars through the event during the road closure
  • Ensure any music and PA systems are turned off by 10pm
  • Ensure no food or drinks are sold at the event


What do I need to consider when planning an event?

Your event needs to:

  • Have a key resident (or residents) to be the driving force behind the event
  • Be no more than four hours long
  • Be held during daylight hours
  • Have support from neighbours
  • Be open to local street residents
  • Have an application signed and submitted two weeks prior to the event date to ensure enough time for road closure approval
  • Not include the sale of alcohol or other forms of trading
  • Always remain accessible to emergency vehicles (no large structures set up on the street)
  • Have a COVID Safe Plan
How much does it cost to host a Street Meet?

There are no fees charged by the council to host a Street Meet. You will need to provide your time to plan and coordinate the street meet on the day. You may also like to ask your neighbours to bring along a plate of food and some activities to share.

What support will I receive from Council?

The City of Holdfast Bay supports Street Meets as a way to build community spirit and create new spaces for children and families to play. We will support you by:

  • Assigning a staff member who will act as your main contact within council and support you in planning your event.
  • Providing you and your event with appropriate public liability insurance
  • Waiving permit fees and road closure advertising costs
  • Developing a Traffic Management Plan, coordinating permits, advertising the road closure, and supplying road closure signage
  • Setting up the packing down your road closure on the day
What are my responsibilities as the Street Meet organiser?

The Street Meet organiser must be in attendance at the event and are responsible for:

  • Completing a Street Meet application form and submitting it to council.
  • Being the main point of contact for your Street Meet.
  • Arranging a COVID Marshal (or being one) for the event.
  • Inviting residents and notifying them of the road closure by distributing invitations at least three weeks prior. This can be done using our sample letter which includes; start and finish time, contact details, and any other information about the event.
  • Managing the event on the day.
  • Arranging a Traffic Marshal to escort local residents’ vehicles that are entering or exiting the road closure area. It is preferable that residents wanting to leave during the road closure times park their vehicles outside the road closure area in advance.
  • Completion of a simple pre and post-event evaluation survey.
How do I know if my street is appropriate for a Street Meet?

Street Meets are suitable on quiet local streets that meet the following criteria:

  • 1000 cars or less per day.
  • Minimal through traffic.
  • Not on a bus or commercial route.
  • An easy alternative route can be provided.
  • No road or footpath works are scheduled at the time of the street meet.
How can I get other residents onboard?

A great way of planning a Street Meet is by getting your neighbours involved.

  • Share the idea with neighbours you think will like the initiative and invite two or three people to help you get things started.
  • A Facebook savvy neighbour may like to set up a resident’s page to invite people and stay connected.
  • Perhaps a local musician may like to perform live music?
  • A resident may like to help by designing invitations, they can be creative and make the design unique to the street
  • Encourage neighbours to bring their own play and sporting equipment to the event.
  • Kids may like to make decorations to add a festive atmosphere to the street. You could try streamers, flags, and bunting. Provide chalk for kids to draw street art on the road.
  • Consider involving a local service group to assist with children’s activities or run a BBQ.
  • Share the task of inviting people – door-knocking and hand-delivering information work well and it starts the connecting process.
What activities can we run during a Street Meet?

A Street Meet is a great opportunity for you and your neighbours to bring activities and toys out into your street; including:

  • Sporting equipment such as cricket sets, skipping ropes, table tennis
  • Chalk and art materials
  • Kids bikes, skateboards, and scooters
  • Giant games and toys such as bubbles, Connect 4, Jenga, snakes and ladders
How did the Street Meet idea come about?

The City of Holdfast Bay have partnered with Play Australia to run 1000 Play Streets in our community. 1000 Play Streets is a movement for Australians to reclaim their quiet residential streets as places for neighbours of all ages to connect and play regularly, and to ultimately improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities.


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