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We are committed to providing best value to the community within the framework of fairness, transparency and accountability when purchasing goods and services or disposing of property or other assets.

We do this this by ensuring:

  • Best value for money
  • Conducting processes in accordance with transparent, accountable, fair and ethical standards
  • Social and Environmental sustainability through environmentally responsible action and support of social enterprise
  • Supporting local economic development
  • Suppliers are committed to workforce safety
  • Purchases are fit for purpose meeting relevant Australian Standards

For further information on our purchasing processes, please refer to the Procurement Policy:

Procurement Policy

Suppliers that conduct business with the City of Holdfast Bay do so in accordance with Council’s general Terms and Conditions which are also referenced on all purchase orders issued by the City of Holdfast Bay.


Tenders are advertised on the SA Tenders and Contracts website. Please go to SA Tenders and Contracts website for current tenders.

Tenders can be lodged electronically on the SA Tenders and Contracts website

Please note:

  • No lodgement of tenders will be accepted via email or facsimile.
  • Late or non-conforming tenders will not be considered.

For further information contact our Procurement and Supplier Management Officer on (08) 8229 9999.

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