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Planning and Building

Planning and Building

If you are considering doing any building or major renovation works, changing the way your property is used, or installing advertising signage, you will most likely require development approval.

Development approval is required for the construction of new buildings, renovations, advertising, and changing the use of a building.

There are some exemptions where approval is not required. You can find out here if your development requires approval.

Planning and Design Code

On 19 March 2021, the Planning and Design Code replaced all council development plans and provides a single source of planning policy across South Australia. You can browse the Planning and Design Code to see what policies apply to a particular address, or what policies apply to a development at an address.

The Planning and Design Code can also be accessed by a GIS program. You can also access the SA Property and Planning Atlas to view an aerial view of your property and development overlays.

Development application checklist, fees, and charges

Lodging your Development Application

All development applications are now lodged electronically on the PlanSA Portal (see below for link). Once you lodge your application it will then be sent to council to assess.

You can lodge an application yourself on the PlanSA Portal. Alternatively, you can request for council administration to lodge the application on the PlanSA portal on your behalf, by visiting the Brighton Civic Centre, posting, or emailing us.

Please note requesting council to lodge a hard copy application on your behalf will incur a lodgement fee of $87.

Contact Us

All mail should be sent to:

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City of Holdfast Bay
PO Box 19
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Track the status of a Development Application

You can track the status of a development application via a development register.

Planning and Development Forms

Information sheets