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Green Living Rebates

Green Living Rebates

The City of Holdfast Bay is now offering rebates on a number of products that assist our community to live a greener, healthier lifestyle.

Consider electrifying your home and creating a healthier future by upgrading to energy-efficient electrical appliances and signing up for clean renewable energy. This will lead to cheaper energy costs and create new jobs.

While funds last, households and businesses can receive one rebate per financial year on one of the following items:

Modern Cloth Nappy Starter Packs for just $50

Did you know that 1.5 billion disposable nappies are in Australian landfills yearly? That's a lot of single-use plastic! To celebrate Plastic Free July and play our part, we’re offering residents the chance to buy modern cloth nappy starter packs, worth over $200, for just $50. Each pack contains six modern cloth nappies and four reusable flannel cloths. They can be purchased at the Brighton Civic Centre, 24 Jetty Road Brighton open Monday-Friday, 8.30am - 5pm. Just bring proof of address such as a driver's licence or a utility bill.

Rebates available

Product Rebate
Cool roof: switch from dark to light roof* 50% up to $100
Housing insulation 50% up to $100
Purchase of rainwater tank* 50% up to $100
Modern cloth nappies & reusable menstrual items 50% up to $50
Worm farm, compost bin, live worms or bokashi bin 50% up to $40
Nest boxes for native animals 50% up to $30
Indigenous plants (purchased from Indigenous Plant supplier)* 50% up to $30
Native bee hotel 50% up to $30
Plumbing for water tank $100
Electric vehicle charger 50% up to $200
Switching gas appliances to electric 50% up to $200

*For more information see 'Useful links' ' at the bottom of the page.

How to claim your rebates

To claim your rebate simply fill in the form below and upload proof of item purchase (receipt) and residency (rates notice or driver's license).

If applying for a rebate on a cool roof, water tank installation, plumbing, electric appliance, or EV charger; before and after photographic evidence must be provided.

An electrical certificate of compliance for electrical appliances must also be uploaded. This should be supplied by your electrician within 30 days of finishing the installation of your new appliance.

If your rebate meets the criteria and is approved you will receive a pre-paid credit card.


Are you claiming on behalf of a business?  *
Rebates *

e.g. Rates address, driver's licence, energy bill, etc. File size should not exceed 3MB

Files size should not exceed 3MB

Files size should not exceed 3MB

Files size should not exceed 3MB