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Makeover for Glenelg’s historic rotunda

Makeover for Glenelg’s historic rotunda

Makeover for Glenelg’s historic rotunda

Tuesday 10 October 2023
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Glenelg’s historic rotunda next to Colley Reserve is getting a makeover - in the form of a new roof.

Built in 1926, the State Heritage listed rotunda will be under repair until the end of the year and will not be accessible to the public during this time.

The current iron roof has reached the end of its life and removal of it started this week.

The new roof will be made of galvanised steel, which will be painted in the same heritage colours as the original roof, under the supervision of a heritage architect.

The lower section of the rotunda underwent major repairs a decade ago with previous restoration work carried out in the 1970s.

The rotunda, with its intricate iron lacework and stairs of Gawler marble, was designed by Leonard Golding who was an important South Australian interwar architect.

It was built at a cost of 1,248 pounds and replaced the William Storrie Memorial Bandstand, which was then moved to Glenelg Oval.

Golding’s influence can be seen across Holdfast Bay with his most recognisable design being the Shandon Flats on Moseley Street, Glenelg South.

As part of the current repair works on the Glenelg rotunda, new lead sheet hip capping will be installed and the existing finial will be removed, cleaned, painted and reinstated.

Historic photo of Glenelg rotunda
The Glenelg rotunda pictured in 1926.

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