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Walking & Bike Trails

Walking & Bike Trails

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Self Guided Walks

Historic Glenelg

This 45-minute self-guided walk challenges you to uncover Glenelg’s unique past. We invite you to understand more about its historical importance as South Australia’s first settlement and how it developed over the years.

Historic Brighton

Take the time to discover some of Brighton’s hidden secrets on this 45-minute stroll. Learn about South Australia's first shark attack victim and the development of Brighton from a rural town to a bustling seaside community.

Historic Seacliff & Kingston Park

Take a 1.5-hour stroll around Seacliff and Kingston Park, learning the history behind Kingston Park's beautiful open spaces and Seacliff's eclectic built heritage.

Historic Glenelg Mansions

By the mid-1880s, the sand dunes of Glenelg’s esplanade had long given way to the summer residences of the prominent and wealthy of South Australia. Take a 1-hour stroll to discover some of the mansions that still stand in Glenelg.

Kaurna Yarta Ana Cultural Map

View the Kaurna significance and historical landscapes in the City of Holdfast Bay. This can be walked in sections in both Glenelg and Kingston Park.

Bikedirect Bicycle Maps

Bikedirect is a network of bicycle routes across the Adelaide metropolitan area that was developed to encourage cycling. The Bikedirect maps provide options for people with different needs and abilities and show main roads, bicycle lanes, local streets, and off-road paths.

Mike Turtur Bikeway

The Mike Turtur Bikeway provides 10km of shared pedestrian and bicycle path which stretches through quieter back streets linking the city to Glenelg. Located alongside the Glenelg to City tram line, look out for the Gene the Giraffe sculpture near Maxwell Terrace.

Coast Park

A level wide 9km picturesque path that follows the coastline from Glenelg North to Kingston Park. With the continuous interpretive path through the Minda Dunes, it's perfect for walking, running, and cycling with rest points along the way. Check out the beautiful art sculptures along the way.