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Public Facilities

Public Facilities

Take a journey of discovery along the coastal reserves, walkways, cycle paths, and nearby coastal drives of Holdfast Bay, from Glenelg to Kingston Park.
There are a number of foreshore parks and reserves along our coastline that overlook our spectacular coastal beaches.
They cater for all the family offering large, grassed areas suitable for picnics or BBQs, with playgrounds and public toilets.

Public Toilets

There are various public toilets along the coast of Holdfast Bay; in particular in our central visitor hubs such as Glenelg and Brighton and also in many seaside reserves and parks from Glenelg North to Kingston Park.


There is a range of parking options at each of Holdfast Bay’s main suburbs, Glenelg, Brighton, Somerton Park, Hove, Seacliff, and Kingston Park. Most parking spaces in Brighton, Somerton Park, Hove and Seacliff are free and provide easy access to nearby services and town centres.

Glenelg is the main tourism precinct in Holdfast Bay and offers paid and free parking options for visitors. There are several off-street car parks with ticket machines installed and a number of these operate 24 hours a day. Please check the signs for instructions on the time period for each. There are also a few large parking complexes in Glenelg, including one at Marina Pier, Colley Terrace, and Elizabeth Street. Several designated parking spaces along Glenelg’s side streets offer free parking for periods, so you may be a short walk to the centre of Glenelg. To avoid a fine, always be sure to read the signs on the street to ensure you are parking in the appropriate areas.

The City of Holdfast Bay have free barbecue facilities on the following reserves:

  • Patawalonga Banks, Eastern side, near Anderson Avenue, Glenelg North
  • Eastern side, near Newhaven Avenue, Glenelg North
  • Western side, near Margaret Street, Glenelg North
  • Tarniwarra Park, North Esplanade, Glenelg North
  • Wigley Reserve, by the Buffalo, Glenelg
  • Parkinson Reserve, off of Alison Street, Glenelg
  • Partridge House, 38 Partridge Street, Glenelg
  • Da Costa Reserve, Wyatt Street, Glenelg East
  • Seaforth Park, Tarlton Street, Somerton Park
  • Wattle Avenue, Esplanade, North Brighton
  • Bindarra Reserve, Esplanade, Brighton
  • Angus Neill Reserve, Esplanade, Seacliff
  • Kingston House, Cameron Avenue, Kingston Park
  • John Mathwin Reserve, Scholefield Road, Kingston Park
  • Sutherland Reserve located at 66 Bath St, Glenelg South

We maintain the barbecue facilities, including cleaning.

In addition to the courts at the many tennis clubs in Holdfast Bay, there are several tennis courts available to the public without booking, free of charge, and on a shared basis.

These courts are located at:

  • Seaforth Park, Tarlton Street Somerton Park (one court).
  • Bowker Oval, (eastern side) Bowker Street, Somerton Park (two courts).
  • Brighton Tennis Club, off Keelara Street, Brighton (two courts when not used for Club commitments).
  • Dover Square Tennis Club, Dover Square, South Brighton (4 courts when not in use by club).
  • Holdfast Bay Tennis Club, Williams Ave Glenelg East (2 courts when not in use by Club).
  • Sutherland Reserve located at 66 Bath St, Glenelg South - single tennis court.

There are additional courts for hire located at:

Kingston House Grounds, Cameron Avenue Kingston Park SA 5049

Please contact Marion Ryan on (08) 8296 9270