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Green Business Awards

Green Business Awards

Congratulations to our 2023 Green Business Award winners

Green Business Awards recognise businesses that have shown leadership in undertaking sustainability initiatives

Winner of Waste Reduction Award - The Seller Door

The Seller Door's new milk keg system allows milk to be filled into reusable kegs which fit into an underbench fridge system and dispenses milk out of a tap.
The change is estimated to reduce the consumption of over 8,500 single-use plastic milk bottles each year. The Seller Door is also a stockist for Fleurieu Milk’s “Milk on tap” initiative where customers can bring their reusable milk glass bottles to fill.

Visit the Seller Door website here

Winner of Community Engagement Award - Grocer with a Heart

Operating out of the Church of Christ (65 Sturt Road, Brighton) Grocer with a Heart is a volunteer-run social enterprise grocery store providing rescued food to the public.

It is estimated that every week, Grocer with a Heart rescues approximately 1.5 tonnes of fruit and veg, 500 loaves of bread and bakery products, 4 tonnes of shelf-stable food and 1 tonne of frozen and refrigerated foods. Anything unsuitable for human consumption is offered as animal food, composted, put in the worm farm or disposed of in the green FOGO waste bin. Grocer with a Heart is open to all community members with profits made to purchase more rescued food and provide food vouchers for those in need.

Visit the Facebook page here

Winner of Circular Economy Award - Gate to Garnish

Based out of Glenelg North, Gate to Garnish produces and sells 100% Australian-grown, all-natural, preservative-free dehydrated fruit, citrus and food innovation citrus dust food business.

Gate to Garnish’s citrus dust takes any imperfect dehydrated citrus (lemons, limes, oranges) to create an all-natural flavouring for food and beverages.

Fruit that cannot be dehydrated (bananas, apples and pears) is donated and distributed weekly through our philanthropy program Grateful Goodness.

Visit the Gate to Garnish website here

We would also like to acknowledge our Green Business Award finalists:

Nominations for 2023 awards have closed but will be back in 2024.

Award Categories

  • Climate Action Award
    Recognising leadership, action, or innovation in reducing energy use and/or responding to the impacts of climate change in our region.
  • Circular Economy Award
    Recognising leadership, action, or innovation in undertaking new processes and procedures to create a circular business model.
  • Waste Reduction Award
    Recognising leadership, action, or innovation in reducing and eliminating waste.
  • Biodiversity Award
    Recognising leadership, action, or innovation in protecting and enhancing the biodiversity values of the Holdfast Bay area and/or in other areas of Australia.
  • Water Conservation Award
    Recognising leadership, action, or innovation in the conservation of our region’s water resources.
  • Community Engagement Award
    Recognising leadership, action, or innovation in educating the community on environmental issues and fostering sustainable behaviour change.

All nominations will be assessed under the criteria of linkage to theme, impact, scalability, innovation and uniqueness.