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Sustainable Holdfast

Sustainable Holdfast

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Public Place FOGO and Recycling Bins

Our community has welcomed food scrap recycling into their homes, and most properties are now embracing our weekly FOGO and fortnightly landfill sustainable collection service. This has seen our waste-to-landfill diversion rate increase to 69%, the highest in South Australia.

We are now looking at ways to reduce our waste-to-landfill in public spaces. With the support of Green Industries SA, we have installed three new bin stations for our community and visitors to use when out and about.

The new green bin will be for any food, compostable food and drink containers, napkins and dog poo in compostable bags – just like at home!

On the side of the bins will be shelves for empty 10c cans, bottles and cartons. Anyone is welcome to take these drink containers to the recycling depot.

For other rubbish, landfill bins are available at the three bin stations.

The new bins stations can be found at:

  • Brighton Jetty, Esplanade Brighton
  • Moseley Square, Glenelg (adjacent to The Moseley Bar & Kitchen)
  • Chapel Plaza, Glenelg (adjacent to Sportsgirl)

We are working with local cafes and eateries to let them know that their compostable food and drink containers can be placed in a nearby public FOGO bin. Businesses will be given promotional stickers for their shop windows.

Community participation and contamination levels will be monitored as we strive to recover more FOGO materials across Council.