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We offer one free hard rubbish collection per financial year to residents of the City of Holdfast Bay for items that are too large to dispose of via the domestic three-bin system. This includes the collection and recycling of mattresses and e-waste.

What items can go in Hard Rubbish?
  • Furniture
  • Electronic Waste (TVs, computers, printers, phones, DVD & VCR players, stereos, iPods etc.).
  • Mattresses
  • Refrigerators and freezers (for safety reasons please remove doors)
  • White goods
  • Floor coverings (up to 1.5 metre lengths)
  • Sheets of iron and guttering (up to 1.5 metre lengths)
  • Timber off-cuts (up to 1.5 metre lengths)
  • Dismantled clotheslines
  • Blinds and window covers
  • Bikes and toys
  • Air-conditioners
  • Unbroken glass and shower screens
  • Small items of scrap metal
  • Hot water services
  • Lawnmowers
  • Rainwater tanks (segments no larger than 1.5 metre lengths)
Illegal Dumping

Placing hard waste on footpaths and kerbs during times when it is not scheduled is illegal. People caught doing this may be subjected to an on-the-spot fine of $315, or a maximum penalty of $5,000 if legal action is pursued.

How much can I put out?

Residents are entitled to place out up to 2 cubic metres (2m X 1m X 1m). It is your responsibility to ensure that the hard waste outside your property is placed and maintained safely until collected - even if it is moved by other people.

  • Put your waste out the night before it is due for collection - no sooner
  • Leave plenty of room on the footpath for people to walk past
  • Don't leave anything sharp or hazardous on the footpath
  • Remove all doors from fridges and freezers
  • Don't stack your waste too high
  • Lie taller items down (e.g. wardrobes)

How do I book a collection?

Contact our waste contractor, Solo Resource Recovery by phone or using the online booking system (see below)

Please note that as this is a popular council service, a wait of up to four weeks can sometimes apply. To avoid disappointment we recommend booking a collection as soon as it is known that one is required.

Discount disposal rate for hard rubbish and garden organics at Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre - North Plympton

City of Holdfast Bay residents are eligible for a discounted rate for the disposal of 6 X 4 trailer loads of both garden waste and mixed waste at Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre (181 Morphett Road, North Plympton). Simply show proof of residency upon arrival at the weighbridge and the following discounts will apply;

  • 6 X 4 heaped trailer load of garden waste up to 300kg - $40 (discount of $15)
  • 6 X 4 heaped trailer load of mixed waste up to 300kg - $80 (discount of $10)
What can't go in hard rubbish?
  • Bricks, pavers, concrete, ceramics and building materials
  • Green organics waste (e.g. pruning's, grass clippings, leaves, and weeds)
  • Wooden pallets
  • Motor vehicle tyres
  • Items too heavy for two people to lift (e.g. water softeners)
  • Batteries
  • Paints
  • Ammunition, explosives, or flares
  • Asbestos
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Motor oil
  • Gas bottles
  • Any liquids
  • Chemicals
  • Car parts (e.g. gearboxes, engine blocks, and panels)
Where can I get further information on hard rubbish collection?

For further information on our at-call hard waste collection, please contact us on (08) 8229 9999.

What do I do with tricky items that can't go in Hard Rubbish?

Our Tricky Waste brochure details what to do with some of the unaccepted items (see above).

Temporary Rubbish Disposal Unit on a Footpath or a Road

If you require a temporary skip to be placed on the road, please complete in the below application