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Jetty Road Mainstreet Committee

Jetty Road Mainstreet Committee

The Jetty Road Mainstreet Committee (JRMC) comprises of 11 members who are a mix of the Glenelg Tourism Precinct (Jetty Road, Glenelg) business owners, commercial property owners, and Elected Members of Council.

The Jetty Road Mainstreet Committee is established to advise Council on:

  • Enhancing and promoting the Precinct as a vibrant shopping, leisure, and recreational area with a year-round appeal to residents and visitors.
  • Furthering the economic development of the Precinct and encouraging further retail investment in the Precinct.
  • A consistent marketing and brand strategy for the Precinct Initiatives required to operate the Precinct in accordance with the council’s Strategic Management Plans
  • The Committee will also maintain communication between the council, traders, landlords, tourism providers, consumers, and residents in the Precinct.

Jetty Road Mainstreet Committee Members

  • Gilia Martin, Attitudes Boutique
  • Angus Warren, Beach Burrito
  • Bayley Millard, Yo-Chi
  • Tony Beatrice, Cibo Espresso
  • Adoni Fotopoulos, Ikos Holdings Trust
  • Anthony Chhoy, Chatime
  • Chris Morley, Echelon Studio – Architecture and Design
  • Damien Murphy, Glenelg Finance
  • Shannon Smith, Royal Copenhagen Glenelg and Brighton
  • Cr. Rebecca Abley
  • Cr. Allison Kane

Jetty Road Mainstreet Committee - Agenda and minutes