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The Executive Committee meets on an as needs basis to recommend and advise Council in relation to the Chief executive Officer’s annual performance appraisal including setting annual objectives.

The functions of the Executive Committee are:

  • To recommend to Council the form and process of the Chief Executive Officer’s annual performance appraisal;
  • To undertake the annual performance appraisal;
  • To provide a report and to make recommendations to Council on any matters arising from the annual performance appraisal.

The Executive Committee’s authority extends to making recommendations to Council and does not have any authority to make decisions in relation to the Chief Executive Officer’s employment arrangements.

Membership of the Executive Committee comprises:

  • The Mayor;
  • The Deputy Mayor;
  • Four other Elected Members being one from each Council ward, appointed by Council.

Executive Committee - Agendas and Minutes

  • Past & Current Meetings
  • Upcoming Meetings
Meeting Date Download
26 April 2022
18 May 2021
16 March 2021
2 June 2020
25 June 2019
28 May 2019
16 April 2019
20 February 2018
17 May 2016
28 April 2016
Meeting Date Download
No records.