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Recreation & Sport for the Community

Recreation & Sport for the Community

Get Active in Holdfast Bay! We offer a variety of opportunities to lead active lifestyles in our beautiful coastline City.

Parks, Beaches and Play Spaces

Visit one of our great parks, beaches, or play spaces. There are lots of free activities you can do with your family and friends when you get there, such as playing some cricket on the beach, going exploring through one of our gullies or collecting some leaves and flowers to make nature art.

Walking and Cycling Trails

Walk to school or work along our footpaths or visit our Walking and Bike Trail page to find a walking or riding trail to visit on the weekend.

Tennis Courts

Have a hit of tennis at your local tennis club or use one of our many publicly accessible tennis courts available without booking at no cost, and on a shared basis.

Organised Fitness and Wellbeing

Get active in your community by joining low-cost activities like Move It, Live Life Get Active or join a Heart Foundation Walking Group.

Recreation and Sport Clubs

Join one of the many recreation and sport clubs in City of Holdfast Bay.

Looking to host an event and just need the venue? Check out the various facilities available across Holdfast Bay.