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The City of Holdfast Bay's policies reflect the culture, values and strategic direction of the Council and its community.

Policies give an explanation as to why activities are to be undertaken, provide guidelines for action and a mechanism for dealing with issues as they arise on a day to day basis.

If the policy you are looking for is not listed, please contact Customer Service on (08) 8229 9999.

Policies adopted by the City of Holdfast Bay:

Access and Equity Policy(24 kb)

Beach Wrack (Seagrass) Removal Policy(38 kb)

Building Inspection Policy(53 kb)

Caretaker Policy and Guidelines(441 kb)

Civic Functions, Awards and Ceremonies Policy(33 kb)

Climate Change Policy(39 kb)

Code of Conduct for Employees(32 kb)

Code of Practice Access to Meetings and Documents(177 kb)

Code of Practice Meeting Procedures(610 kb)

Commerical Leasing Policy(177 kb)

Community Centres Policy(135 kb)

Community Consultation and Engagement Policy(31 kb)

Customer Feedback and Complaints Policy(376 kb)

Directional Signs Policy(41 kb)

Elected Member Code of Conduct(34 kb)

Elected Member Code of Conduct Complaints and Investigations Policy(529 kb)

Elected Member Long Service Recognition Policy(21 kb)

Elected Member Training and Development Policy(154 kb)

Elected Member Use of Social Media Guidelines(278 kb)

Elected Member Entitlements Policy(173 kb)

Election Signs Policy(26 kb)

Election Sign Guidelines(167 kb)

Fireworks Display Policy(37 kb)

Football Tickets Policy(21 kb)

Foreshore and Reserve Areas Policy(42 kb)

Fraud, Corruption, Misconduct and Maladministration Policy(185 kb)

Graffiti Policy(395 kb)

Holdfast Bay Car Parking Contributions Func(140 kb)

International Relations Policy(27 kb)

Informal Gathering of Council Policy(148 kb)

Liquor Licence Policy(173 kb)

Mobile trader's policy(157 kb)

Naming of Public Places Policy(38 kb)

Outdoor Dining Policy 2016(406 kb)

Order Making Policy(22 kb)

Personal Training Policy(124 kb)

Privacy Policy(128 kb)

2017 - Procurement Policy(443 kb)

Privately Funded Development Plan Amendment Policy(167 kb)

Privately Funded Development Plan Amendment Procedure(195 kb)

Property Policy(29 kb)

Public Art Policy(59 kb)

Rating Policy 2016-2017(365 kb)

Risk Management Policy(340 kb)

Tree Management Policy(204 kb)

Treasury Management Policy(140 kb)

Verge Management Policy(155 kb)

Volunteer Policy(136 kb)

Waste Management Policy(131 kb)

Whistleblower Policy(31 kb)

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