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We are currently developing an Arts & Culture Strategy that will shape the creative and cultural life of the Holdfast Bay over the next five years.

The community engagement phase has just concluded and the feedback received from the community, businesses and creative leaders will now be collated and help influence the draft Strategy and Action Plan.

Community feedback on the draft Strategy and Action Plan will be open between 2 - 22 April 2019.

To find out more information or review the draft strategy please visit

We are committed to providing an engaging, vibrant and interactive environment through art and culture. The city encourages cultural development through;

  • public art and design to add vibrancy and enhance public space
  • community arts and culture projects
  • the support of youth arts programs and providing opportunities for the artistic development of the youth in our community
  • festivals and events
  • exhibitions and workshops
  • cultural experiences

Register as an artist

We would like to hear from creative people in the area. If you have skills in visual art, performing art, music, literature or any other form of art, please consider registering your details.

If you would like details on a particular artist within the area please contact Jenni on

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Experience and Skills

Artscape Master Corridor

The Master Plan provides a detailed description and direction for the future integration of public art through the city, specifically focusing on the coastal edge, Jetty Road Glenelg and Jetty Road, Brighton.

It generates ideas, maps opportunities, promotes innovation and encourages exceptional outcomes for integrated public art in Holdfast Bay.

The report provides a methodology to introduce public art that will delight and entertain, appealing to people in a variety of ways through the delivery of four typologies.

The typologies are:

Random - a programme of curated events and interventions that are generally temporary, anonymous and quirky.

Roam - a public artwork commissioning programme designed to maximise exposure and the impact of the artworks by making them non geographically specific.

Event - a programme that encourages, promotes and supports the development of art exhibitions, events, creative celebrations, performances and commemorations.

Infra-Art - seeks to promote the inclusion of experienced artists and designers whenever possible into the infrastructure projects to create urban realm projects that are of the highest design standards.

Artscape Corridor Master Plan

For further information please contact Community Development Officer, Jenni Reynolds on
(08) 8229 9969