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Residential Rate Capping Application

Residential Rate Capping Application

Discretionary Rebate of Rates – Residential Rate Capping

Section153(3) of the Local Government Act 1999 provides for Council to fix a maximum increase in general rates in respect of the principal place of residence of a principal ratepayer. This section of the Act provides relief against what would otherwise amount to a substantial change in rates payable by a ratepayer

The cap on an increase in general rates under this Section will not apply where property values have increased as a result of the following events:

  • new building work and/or development activity – greater than $5,000 in the previous 2 financial years
  • changes in land use, wholly or partially
  • changes in zoning
  • the ownership of the rateable property has changed since 1 July of the previous year
  • the property is no longer the principal place of residence.

Calculation of the residential rate cap for the current financial year excludes any previous residential rate capping granted, rebates/remissions granted, and Landscape Levy.

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