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Club Resources

Club Resources

The City of Holdfast Bay supports local not-for-profit clubs to sustain and develop operations and supports volunteers to provide quality community sport and recreation.

Events at Sporting Venues

If your club is seeking to hold an event within its licensed area or playing fields, please note that you will need to seek formal council approval if the event:

  • requires infrastructure (i.e., marquees, fences, bouncy castles, stages, portable toilets, etc.);
  • is held, or predominantly run by, a third party for commercial purposes;
  • has entry costs, is ticketed, or will fence off/restrict access to areas normally available to the public;
  • involves the sale/consumption of alcohol in areas not covered by the club’s existing liquor licence;
  • has third parties selling goods/services to the public (i.e., food trucks, stalls, pop-up bars, etc.);
  • includes entertainment or PA system (other than the club’s sporting matches);
  • occurs outside the club’s times of use of the area in which it is held;
  • requires traffic management or alterations to public car parking;
  • does not directly promote the sport and contravene with T&Cs contained in the club’s lease/licence.

To seek formal approval, or if you’re unsure, please contact Council’s Community Recreation and Sport Coordinator, details available below.

*Please note a minimum 3-month notice period may be required for large-scale events. 1-month for small to medium events.

Tailored Training and Development

We aim to provide needs-based sessions that assist clubs to operate more effectively, recruit and maintain members and plan for the future to ensure the longevity of the club.
This specialised one-on-one club support can be helpful to manage operational challenges that may arise.

Please contact our Community Recreation and Sport Coordinator for more details. Contact details are found below.

Club Development Resources

There are several club development resources available free of charge for clubs to access to assist with their development, culture, and sustainability into the future. Below are some resources recommended to keep your club moving forward.

Sport Australia’s free and comprehensive online platform is designed for sporting clubs to assess their current capability and connect with specific tools and resources to build and support ongoing development.

Topics covered include participation, marketing, and communications, finance, governance, values and behaviours, infrastructure, safeguarding, diversity equity, and inclusion, strategies roles & responsibilities, workforce & volunteers, research & insights, diversified partnerships and technology, and digital stakeholder alignment.

Click here for more information on Game Plan

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing has developed the Club of the Future guide to support clubs to deliver quality experiences, share resources, services, and facilities, increase affordability, and promote contemporary approaches to volunteering.

Click here for more information on Club of the Future

Good Sports is a community health sports program with an online portal providing support to clubs in the areas of alcohol management, smoking regulations, mental health, illegal drugs, and safe transport. The simple online portal assists clubs to comply with legal requirements to create safe, respectful, and positive club environments.

Visit the Good Sports website

Play by the Rules provides information, resources, tools, and free online training to increase the capacity and capability of administrators, coaches, officials, players, parents, and spectators to prevent and deal with discrimination, harassment, child safety, inclusion, and integrity issues in sports.

Visit Play by the Rules website

Funding Programs

Grants can be provided by federal, state, and local governments, private groups, philanthropic organisations, and others.

The City of Holdfast Bay provides grant funding to increase opportunities for physical activity, sport & recreation, youth, social inclusion, healthy eating, and nutrition. See our Community Grants web page for more information including eligibility.

The Office for Recreation, Sport, and Racing is a key provider of funding for programs and services that develop sport and recreation, for new or improved facilities, and for initiatives that get communities active.

Play at the Bay

Is your club interested in offering a “have a try” session to promote your sporting club to young people (aged 3-17 years)? Join our Play at the Bay school holiday project. This is designed to encourage and increase youth activity rates, increase sports participation and drive junior club membership pathways. We will support you by way of promotion and managing online bookings and queries. Please contact our Youth Coordinator for more information and to register.

Facility Hire for Events

Looking for a different space for a function or event? Have a look at the community spaces available across Holdfast Bay.

Club Hub Newsletter

Club Hub is our E-newsletter, aimed at keeping Holdfast Bay sport and recreation clubs connected with Council. It's filled with information and resources from across the industry that support clubs and their operations.

Community Recreation and Sport Coordinator

Our Community Recreation and Sport Coordinator provides support and advice to local sport and recreation clubs. If your club is seeking assistance or direction then we encourage you to make contact.