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Tree of the Month

Tree of the Month

Each month we showcase an iconic or loved tree in Holdfast Bay. The tree of the month aims to increase the awareness of the value of trees in the City of Holdfast Bay, highlighting the important role trees play in our city such as shade, cooling, clean air, fauna habitat, wellbeing and connection to nature.

April - Tree of the Month

Species: Pyrus ussuriensis (Manchurian pear)
Family: Rosaceae
Origin: China, Korea and Japan
Flowering time: Spring
Flower colour: White
Purpose: Ornamental, shade, screen
Canopy cover (approximate shade provided: 9m x 7m

Tony of Somerton Park loves his front yard tree – a stunning Manchurian pear tree that boasts a 9m wide canopy.

It’s also our Tree of the Month for April and only our second on private land to be featured.

“We get a lot of pleasure out of this tree, watching it, looking at it and thinking how beautiful it is,” Tony said.

He even doesn’t mind it drops a tonne of leaves come autumn.

“It’s beautiful but it keeps us honest as well.”

With care and maintenance, after 20 years this tree could potentially:

  • offset 1864 kilometres worth of CO2 emitted from the average petrol-powered passenger vehicle
  • absorb enough stormwater to fill 1 bathtub
  • remove an amount of pollution from the air – in gaseous and particulate form – equivalent in weight to 33 smartphones

Person standing under a tree with large green canopy

Tree of the Month Nomination Form

Is there a tree that you love or that you think deserves recognition in the City of Holdfast Bay? Take the time to nominate it by completing the form below.

Please attach a photo of the tree, if you have one. File size should not exceed 3MB

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