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Holdfast Habitat Heroes

The Holdfast Habitat Heroes are a strong and committed environmental volunteer team that works weekly across the Brighton to Seacliff dunes, Glenelg dunes, Gilbertson Gully and Barton Gully. Volunteers also support our native ecosystems at Kingston Cliff Face and Pine Gully as well as native gardens at the Civic Centre, Yurlo Wirra and Stewart, Bob Lewis, and Fordham Reserves.

We acknowledge the important and invaluable contribution that volunteers make in helping to build a rich and healthy local environment. In the City of Holdfast Bay, environmental volunteers spend over 1000 hours protecting our natural areas and native gardens. Tasks include bush care style weeding, planting, watering, seed collecting, plant propagation, and ongoing monitoring. This work helps to protect and rehabilitate valuable habitats for our native animals, including birds, insects, and reptiles.

The Holdfast Habitat Heroes is a weekly program that alternates between Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Activities include:

  • Bush regeneration
  • Dune restoration
  • Monitoring
  • Planting and caring for local seedlings
  • Environmental events such as Clean Up Australia Day and National Tree Day
  • Training

To sign up for the Holdfast Habitat Heroes, please go to City of Holdfast Bay Volunteer Applications

Friends of Pine Gully

The Friends of Pine Gully have been volunteering to restore native vegetation in Pine Gully Reserve for over 10 years. You can be involved in the following ways:

  • Bush regeneration, planting, monitoring.
  • Helping to run working bees
  • Write a monthly working bee report for the council
  • Photograph and upload images of the plants, insects, and animals to the i-Naturalist app
  • Run the Facebook page
  • Maintaining the website

For more information and to sign up as a volunteer please visit: Home | Friends of Pine Gully

External organisation Volunteer Opportunities

The Adelaide metropolitan coastline has lost over 6000Ha of the seagrass meadows. These meadows are a nursery ground for snapper, calamari, whiting, and blue swimmer crabs. OzFish, together with leading government scientists, have created the Seeds For Snapper Seagrass Restoration Project, bringing these beautiful meadows back to help our fisheries and more, but they need your help!

Seagrass seeds wash up along our beaches during the summer (mainly December) and can be easily collected as you're walking along the beach. You can find out more information and sign up as a volunteer via Seeds for Snapper, Adelaide - South Australia - OzFish Unlimited.