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Request for additional cats and dogs on a property

You’ll find on this page:

To apply for keeping additional dogs or cats on your property, please complete the form below with all current and additional pets.

Please read the terms and conditions and the by-law information before completing the application.

The limits to the number of dogs and cats permitted on a property:

Dogs - 1 dog in a unit and 2 dogs in a house

Cats - 2 cats on a property

Once the exemption to the by-law is approved, you are required to ensure that:

  • the pets must not become a nuisance to nearby residents
  • the premises must be kept clean and tidy
  • no additional or replacement pets are to be obtained without prior approval from Council

You are required to notify the council as soon as practical if:

  • The place at which the pet is usually kept is changed, and the approval is for the address on the application
  • The pet has been missing for more than 72 hours
  • The pet dies
  • The ownership of the pet is transferred to some other person
  • A control or destruction order is in force or is made in relation to the pet

If ownership of the pet is transferred to another person, you are required to:

  • Notify the council in writing
  • Give the new owner the pet(s) current registration disc and certificate.
  • Advise the new owner of any control or destruction order made in relation to the pet.

It is a requirement that all pets, upon written approval by Council, be registered on DACO (Dogs and Cats Online) within 14 days.

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