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In lots of interesting ways, arts and culture invigorates our lives, stimulates our economy, strengthens social connections, and activates our public spaces.

We recognise the role creativity plays in expressing our identity, adding vibrancy, and creating a sense of belonging in our city. At Holdfast Bay, we aim to create a place where people love to live and visit and provide opportunities to participate and experience arts and cultural activities.

Creative Holdfast Winter Program

Check out the Creative Holdfast Winter Program and tap into the creative events, workshops, exhibitions, talks, and tours that will be held in Holdfast Bay between 1 April - 30 September 2022

Arts and Culture Strategy 2019 – 2024

The Creative Holdfast: Arts & Culture Strategy was developed by Urban Mind in 2019 and guides the coordination, management, and investment in arts, culture, and creativity.

Creative Holdfast was developed in response to an extensive program of community engagement with residents and businesses, creative practitioners, community arts groups, key organizations, and industry & cultural leaders.

If you are an artist, business owner, property owner, or community group that is interested in creating or commissioning street art or a mural in Holdfast Bay, take a look at our Street Art & Mural Plan.

Public Art

Our commitment to public art is visible by its diverse and dynamic collection, ranging from large-scale contemporary sculpture to integrated artistic elements located throughout the city. Many of the public artworks can be viewed along the coast path from Glenelg North to Kingston Park.

The City of Holdfast Bay’s public art collection features over fifty permanent and temporary installations that celebrate local identity, character, and cultural diversity.

Street Art

The Street Art movement in Holdfast Bay provides artists with exciting professional development and career opportunities and adds value, interest, and vibrancy to open space. With a growing presence, Street Art also contributes economically through cultural tourism and delivers considerable benefits for the city, its residents, and businesses.

The City of Holdfast Bay recognises that Street Art commissions significantly enhance the uniqueness and aesthetic of our public places and contribute to placemaking.

Street Art Locations

  • Colley Tce, Glenelg: featuring work by Lisa King
  • Glenelg Community Centre, Colley Tce, Glenelg: featuring work by Bronte Naylor
  • Chittleborough Lane, Glenelg: featuring work by Vans the Omega
  • Henry Street, Glenelg: featuring work by Toy Soldiers
  • Milton Street & Cowper Street Glenelg: featuring work by Fortrose
  • Ramsgate Street, Broadway: featuring work by Hyde and Seek
  • Brighton Skate Park, Brighton: featuring work by Vans the Omega
  • Jetty Road, Brighton: featuring work by Azzurro Arts
  • Twining’s Lane, Brighton: featuring work by Aurelia Carbone

Public Art Installations and Street Art activations are happening continually, so keep your eye out for more additions.

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