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Volunteers keep the Community Bus wheels turning

Volunteers keep the Community Bus wheels turning

Volunteers keep the Community Bus wheels turning

Wednesday 8 May 2024
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Residents who use Council’s community bus service on a Thursday would know Audrey Manion’s face well.

For almost a decade, she’s been driving the bus and has loved getting to know her regular bus trippers and the stories they have to share.

“Everyone’s got a really interesting story and they are so grateful to have someone pick them up and take them shopping … they love the social aspect of it,” she said.

“It’s just so good to see people getting involved and not just sitting at home by themselves, and you get to know more about the community because of the residents’ involvement in the community.”

Audrey’s experience as a bus driver began in the 1970s when she was also teaching at Craigmore High School.

“If you were in a country school, there were lots of teachers in those days who also drove the bus,” she said.

Audrey says she gets as much out of volunteering as the residents do who use this essential service.

“We love helping people and just getting them to live a better life, we love doing that,” she said.

“And it gives me a commitment and something to be proud of in a way, that I’m still involved and able to do that.”

If you need assistance accessing local shops or medical appointments, consider catching our Community Bus.

Our buses travel to Brighton, Glenelg, and Marion every week and are fitted with seatbelts and have access for walkers and trolleys.

Call 8229 9828 to find out more or click on the link below.

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