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‘Sparkle team’ among our outstanding volunteers

‘Sparkle team’ among our outstanding volunteers

‘Sparkle team’ among our outstanding volunteers

Wednesday 22 May 2024
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A team of dedicated volunteers, known affectionately as the Partridge House Garden Sparkle team, were among those who received a Premier’s award for outstanding service as part of National Volunteer Week celebrations.

The group of five – Anne Wilson, Garry Bolton, John Carroll, Ken Heinrich and Sean McMullen - can be seen regularly at Partridge House doing all manner of jobs to make sure the grounds are always sparkling.

At this morning’s breakfast, to thank and celebrate our volunteers, another six people received the Premier's Certificate of Recognition for outstanding volunteer service.

Among them was Mary-Anne Godfrey, who was also celebrated for achieving 20 years of voluntary service.

Described as one of Holdfast Bay’s “most dedicated volunteers”, Mary-Anne is part of Council’s team of environmental volunteers and is known to “always pitch in and lend a hand whenever needed’.

Other recipients of the Premier’s awards were:

  • Claire Bell, who has taken on a large portion of personal transport activities.
  • Audrey Manion, described as “one of the work horses of our Community Bus service”.
  • David Harry is an “enormous asset to the Holdfast Bay History Centre” and has fully embraced his volunteer role.
  • Michael Micken, another valuable member of the Community Bus service.
  • Lachlan Van Dyk, who has been with the HoldUp Youth Committee for more than two years and has displayed genuine care and desire to help others, particularly young people.

Another 18 Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to:

  • Jane Birch
  • Dean Carruthers
  • Alan Westbrook
  • Debra Doddrell
  • David Grieg
  • Sue Mauger
  • Barry Meseke
  • Pam Hannaford
  • Paul Springbett
  • Mary Carella
  • Sandi Carr
  • Allan Goodall
  • Malcolm Schlein
  • Colleen Slattery
  • Alwyndor Aged Care Volunteers
  • Kate Harris
  • Max Howland
  • Sam Threadgold

Years of service certificates were also awarded at this morning’s gathering.

Along with Mary-Anne Godfrey, celebrating 20 years of service this year are:

  • Malcolm Golley – Holdfast Bay History Centre volunteer
  • Max Howland – Personal transport volunteer and Advanced Care Directive facilitator
  • Robert Hughes - Justice of the Peace

Ten people achieved 15 years of service; eight volunteers achieved 10 years of service, and 24 people received certificates for 5 years of voluntary service.

More than 300 people regularly volunteer with the City of Holdfast Bay, donating more than 46,000 hours of their time to the community throughout the year.

The theme for this year’s National Volunteer Week is Something for Everyone, in recognition of the diverse passions and talents everyone brings to the act of volunteering.

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