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Statement from Mayor Amanda Wilson - Passenger safety on trams

Statement from Mayor Amanda Wilson - Passenger safety on trams

Statement from Mayor Amanda Wilson - Passenger safety on trams

Thursday 22 June 2023
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Passenger safety on the trams - which directly service Glenelg from the city - should be addressed by the State Government as a matter of urgency.

As a result of inaction, a lack of security on public transport, and reduced police presence, Glenelg runs the risk of becoming a dumping ground for people whose anti-social behaviour is impacting residents and visitors alike.

After receiving numerous complaints from residents, I experienced their safety concerns on the tram firsthand.

After boarding a tram at 9.10am on a weekday, at Moseley Square in Glenelg, I disembarked after only four stops, due to an overwhelming sense of vulnerability. The lack of dedicated security personnel on board our trams deeply troubles me and creates an environment where passengers feel unsafe and exposed to potential dangers.

On 20 June 2023, I wrote to Tom Koutsantonis, the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Minister, to share my experience and to urge him to consider our requests.

We are calling for conductors and security personnel on the trams at all times, not just on weekends and at night.

We are also calling for a permanent increase in the police presence at Glenelg, which we have been seeking for several years. We’ve lodged two petitions to Parliament calling for increased policing, which was only actioned for the summer months. This increase is needed year-round.

Politicians see the anti-social behaviour from Parliament House in the city and swing into action, but because the problem is ‘unseen’ by them in Glenelg, nothing is done.

The presence of trained personnel on trams, and more police on the beat, will not only act as a deterrent to potential offenders but also provide passengers with assurance that their security is a top priority.

Our citizens and visitors to our State should be encouraged to use public transport, without fear or apprehension.

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