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Jetty Road transformation, greening and wellbeing projects in budget plans

Jetty Road transformation, greening and wellbeing projects in budget plans

Jetty Road transformation, greening and wellbeing projects in budget plans

Thursday 27 June 2024
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The 2024-25 Annual Business Plan and budget for the year ahead has been endorsed by Council with the Transforming Jetty Road, Glenelg project also getting the green light.

Council will commit $30 million over three years with another $10 million already secured from the Australian Government.

The multi-stage “development of state significance” will transform our flagship precinct that supports more than 330 local businesses while meeting the needs of our community and the million-plus visitors we receive annually.

“Our commitment to the transformation of Jetty Road at Glenelg will allow us to keep up with the developments taking place around the state while also ensuring Glenelg – and by extension Holdfast Bay – remains relevant and front of mind as Adelaide’s best coastal shopping, dining, entertainment and tourism precinct,” Mayor Amanda Wilson said.

“We acknowledge that this requires a significant contribution from ratepayers and we have listened to the wide-ranging community feedback and have carefully considered the decision to commit funds to this once-in-a-generation project that will truly transform our much-loved mainstreet”.

Work will begin in spring this year in the City zone, which is at the Brighton Road end of Jetty Road. The entire project will be completed by the end of 2027.

“While this project will be a major focus for the next three years, we have also prioritised and allocated funds to other projects and initiatives which are of great importance to our community - the environment, city assets and infrastructure, sport, recreation, wellbeing, tourism and events,” Mayor Wilson said.

In the coming budget, $1.31 million is allocated for Environmental Services, which includes the appointment of a Regional Climate Action Plan coordinator (Resilient South), Stormwater Management Plan (partnership with City of Marion) and the Patawalonga Frontage irrigation upgrade.

Greening projects include a pocket park for Seacliff to create extra public green space and a biodiversity assessment in light of large-scale weed control and revegetation projects that have occurred in recent years.

Council’s commitment to maintaining a high level of service and safety with our street, footpath and kerb renewal and maintenance program is a priority with $8.92 million allocated in the coming budget for Field Services. This includes:

  • Maintaining our roads, kerbs and footpaths
  • Planting and caring for trees in our streets and reserves
  • Cleaning our streets and foreshore and removing graffiti
  • Maintaining our many high profile and highly used open spaces and reserves
  • Maintaining gross pollutant traps to ensure that pollutants do not enter our waterways

The Field Services team also maintains all public amenities including beach access points, showers, barbecues, playgrounds and picnic furniture.

Council’s Community Wellbeing team will be allocated $0.98 million to continue delivering programs, services and events that promote interaction and minimise social isolation and disadvantage.

Council will continue to support sport and recreation clubs and groups, community gardens, young people by way of sponsorship grants, volunteer services and Aboriginal reconciliation through consultation and engagement.

Other projects that will be funded in the 2024-25 financial year include:

  • Sport and Recreation Infrastructure Planning - $40,000
  • Cricket Club chairlift - $17,398
  • Movement and Transport Plan Implementation - $40,000
  • Wayfinding at Kingston Park - $8,000
  • Sharing the National Collection public art installation - $7,250

As part of the budget, rates for existing properties have been raised by 7.1% on average, or $126, based on the average 2023–24 residential property value in Holdfast Bay.

The 7.1% increase in rates comprises 4.8%, which aligns with Adelaide CPI (as of December 2023) to fund the full range of council services along with a 2.3% increase for the Transforming Jetty Road project.

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