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The City of Holdfast Bay invites artists, sculptors, and stallholders to register their interest for the Art at Partridge Exhibition. The two-day SALA celebration will be held indoors at Partridge House, Glenelg on Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 August.

Historic Partridge House will be transformed as part of the 2022 SALA celebrations at Holdfast Bay. The two-day event will feature an indoor exhibition from artists and sculptors, live music, live art demonstrations, and some indoor arts stalls showcasing all original handmade work by artists and designers.

Emerging and established artists, designers, sculptors, and creatives are encouraged to complete an application form and register their interest in exhibiting artworks for the SALA on Partridge exhibition or hosting one of the indoor market stalls. Painting, printmaking, media, photography, ceramics, textile, and sculptural works are eligible for selection.

We would also love to hear from Artists that would like to facilitate live demonstrations throughout the event.


  • Arts at Partridge Event
    Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 August 2022
    11am - 4pm
  • Artist Applications close
    5pm, Friday 1 July 2022
  • Artist's notified
    By Friday 8 July 2022

Apply to be part of the indoor exhibition

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Terms and Conditions - indoor exhibition
  1. Completed registration forms must be submitted along with an uploaded images and artwork details by Friday 1 July 2022;
  2. Artists will be advised via email if their entries have been accepted for inclusion by Friday 8 July 2022;
  3. Artwork(s) can be original pieces created for this exhibition or existing pieces;
  4. Entry identification must be provided with uploaded images detailing title of work, medium, your name and price of work(s)
  5. The Art at Partridge Committee reserves the right to choose the artworks that will be displayed during the Art at Partridge Exhibition;
  6. There are no size restrictions; however we cannot guarantee that larger pieces will be accommodated.
  7. Every individual piece of artwork selected is deemed to be one entry and will not necessarily be hung next to other entries by the same artist;
  8. All artwork must be delivered to Partridge House on Thursday 11 August between 3.00pm – 5.00pm or Friday 12 August between 8.30am – 10.30am;
  9. Work must be dry, clean and supplied with suitable hanging hooks / wires attached for installation, if the work does not have suitable hanging hooks / wires attached the piece may be rejected.
  10. 10. Artists are responsible for any potential health and safety issues related to the work and must advise the Art at Partridge Committee and venue of any potential issues or risks related to the public exhibition of the work;
  11. Artists must take responsibility for the transportation and delivery of their work;
  12. Artists who wish to document their work must do so before delivery;
  13. The curators of the exhibition will handle the artworks with care at all times to prevent damage;
  14. Artists must take responsibility for the insurance of their work for the duration of the exhibition and the City of Holdfast Bay and Partridge House take no responsibility if the artworks are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed during the exhibition or hanging of works.
  15. The Art at Partridge Committee’s and City of Holdfast Bay’s decision is final;
  16. Exhibited artworks can be sold, should the artist wish and no commission will be charged for the sale of artworks from the exhibition;
  17. All sales enquires will be directed to the artist. The Art at Partridge Committee and Council will not be responsible for any sales negotiations or transaction of money for sales;
  18. The City of Holdfast Bay reserves the right to reproduce the work(s) or parts thereof for the purpose of publicity, critical review and archival reference;
  19. Any damage to the artwork however and whenever occurring (in transit, during set up or during the exhibition) shall be the sole responsibility of the artists. The committee will take every care with all entries but does not accept responsibility for damage or loss;
  20. Work cannot be removed before the end of the exhibition, 4pm, 14 August 2022;
  21. Works must be collected on Sunday 14 August 4.00pm – 5.00pm or on Monday 19 August 2022 between 9.00am – 11.00am;
  22. The Art at Partridge Committee will dispose of any uncollected works after a period of 4 weeks of the completion of the exhibition.

Apply to host an Art at Partridge Market Stall

Artist Name

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I would like to hold a stall on;

In 100 words or less please list and describe all products intended for sale.

if yes - we will require a copy of your current certificate. If no - Public liability insurance will be provided for uninsured Artisan on Partridge Arts Market stallholders

Terms and Conditions - Market Stall

Participation in Art at Partridge as a stallholder is subject to your acceptance of the following terms and conditions. Please read these carefully.

Selection: Applications will be carefully considered against the selection criteria and the aims of the Art at Partridge selection panel. Applicants are not guaranteed acceptance as we have limited stalls available.

Stalls: Stall allocation will be determined by the selection panel. We will try to accommodate location requests however this is cannot be guaranteed.

Stallholders are responsible for arranging their stall operations, including change, EFT facilities, wrapping and carry bags for customer purchases.

Stallholders are encouraged to set up and display their artworks creatively to enhance their product and contribute to the market aesthetic. Please be advised there is NO power available for the stalls.

Subleasing: Stalls cannot be sublet or shared without the approval of the selection panel. Applications for shared stalls must list ALL names and contact details of applicants.

Products: Please make sure that the description on your application is accurate and covers all works intended for sale. Product descriptions must cover the full range of works intended for sale. This is to maintain the balance of products available and protect the unique quality of products sold.

Products / content should not be profane, racist, sexist or defamatory.

Times: Stallholders will need to be on location from 9.30am. Stallholders can set up between 9.30am – 11am. Please arrive on-site no later than 10am or you may lose your allocated site. Market stalls must be set up and ready to sell by 11am. The markets will be open to the general public from 11am – 4pm on both days. Stallholders are not permitted to pack up prior to 4pm.

The City of Holdfast Bay reserves the right to cancel the event should there be a reasonable cause to do so. Times and dates subject to change.

Site: You will be provided with a stall site located within Partridge House, 1 x trestle table, and 1 x chair. All stall equipment including signage must be contained within boundaries of your site, to ensure that your stall is non-obtrusive to other stallholders and leaving public access clear at all times.

Environment and waste: To reduce waste; stallholders are asked to consider using recycled and/or recyclable packaging. Stallholders are expected to clean up after themselves and ensure their site is left in good condition. Stallholders are required to remove all waste at the end of the day.

Promotion and Publicity: Any promotion of the Art at Partridge event will be conducted by the City of Holdfast Bay, your assistance in channeling any comment to media through Council to ensure consistency will be appreciated. The City of Holdfast Bay reserves the right to photograph the workshop and document the project for unlimited use in publications promoting the city.

Indemnity: The stallholder agrees to indemnify Council, its employees and agents against all claims brought or expenses claimed against them arising out of or in relation to the project. Notwithstanding the above, you will not be liable for personal injury to or the death of any person or loss of or damage resulting from any breach by the Council of any provision of this contract or any negligent act or omission of the Council, its employees and agents. The works will be displayed at the artist’s own risk.

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