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Each month we showcase an iconic or loved tree in Holdfast Bay. Proudly donning a blue sash, the tree of the month aims to increase the awareness trees in the City of Holdfast Bay, shining a spot light on the important role trees play in our city (increased biodiversity, cooling, clean air and connection to nature).

Do you know a tree in the City of Holdfast Bay that deserves a shout out? Nominate your favourite tree by completing the form below.

Tree of the month nomination form

please attach a photo of the tree, if you have one.

December Tree of the month 2021 - Honey Locut tree, Hove

Honey Locut tree

Under the dappled shade of a Honey Locut tree, found in the glorious front gardens at Alwyndor, you’re likely to find Alwyndor residents, Bob and Carol, and resident gardener Justin.

You’ll also see a large blue sash wrapped around the tree, as it’s been chosen as the Tree of the Month for December. Justin nominated the trees for its lush canopy, beautiful yellow leaves (which make great mulch), and pretty small flowers.

Being part of the pea family, the tree also sprouts legume seed pods and because of its slender trunk, Justin says this type of tree is perfect for smaller courtyard homes.

Carol, who’s lived at Alwyndor for four years, adores the tree and the rest of the lush, manicured gardens. It’s estimated there are around 100 trees on the Hove property, which Justin highlights on his weekly garden talks.

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