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Brighton is a relaxed and diverse seaside suburb. It’s where you'll find the locals in their spare time; it offers the ideal mix of family life; entertainment by the beach; and a chic yet relaxed atmosphere. Characterised by its Art Deco style, quirky cafes, locally-made art and design shops, restaurants and the landmark Arch of Remembrance.

Places to browse

Places to eat in Brighton

  • Alhena Café
  • The Seller door
  • Brighton Beach Pit
  • Brighton Jetty Café
  • Brighton Jetty Bakery
  • Café Etc
  • Good enough to eat
  • In Thais Café & Noodle Bar
  • Royal Copenhagen Ice Cream
  • Alimentary
  • Cafe Lune
  • Delicia Acai + Protein Bar

Kingston Park

The Kingston Park Coastal Reserve and Lookout is a must see for any visitor. On top of the cliff overlooking both Tjilbruke Spring and the Kingston pines, is a monument commemorating the Aboriginal Dreaming story about the spring. Learn the Dreamtime story of Tjilbruke and enjoy a BBQ with family and friends at the coastal reserve.

The Kingston Park Cliff Face is a natural reserve that supports many native animals including echidnas and blue tongue lizards. It also contains over 76 indigenous plant species, with at least 15 of those species having a conservation rating of either rare or vulnerable.