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City Maintenance

We take great pride in the historical, commercial, tourism, and aesthetic value of our built and natural environment and we continually strive to find the perfect balance between the needs of residents, business and visitors; heritage and innovation; development and environment; and visual appeal and practical application

We have a vigorous maintenance program as part of it's commitment to enhancing the city image and providing a safe community.

Report a Hazard or Request Maintenance

To log a customer request, you can call Customer Service on 08 8229 9999, send an email to  or log your request online at Report a problem.

Roads and Footpaths

Council, in partnership with the state government, looks after the upkeep, quality, safety and presentation of more than 300km of sealed roads and lanes, as well as almost 400km of footpaths.

Council, in partnership with the state government, looks after the upkeep, quality, safety and presentation of more than 300km of sealed roads and lanes, as well as almost 400km of footpaths.

The State Government’s Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) has responsibility for South Australia’s main roads, and has launched a new online DPTI Road Works Schedule to provide information about upcoming Departmental road works and traffic restrictions on the arterial road network across the State. While this resource does not include information about Council works, it does provide useful links to other road services, such as TrafficSA for works on local roads, information about outback roads, and South Australian Police road closures.

This site works in conjunction with DPTI’s real time traffic information sites. To get real time traffic info direct to your smartphone download DPTI’s Addinsight app or visit TrafficSA.


Approximately $100million worth of buildings are owned and managed by Council for the benefit of the community. Our buildings are broadly grouped into six categories: Civic, Commercial, Community, Surf Clubs, Sporting Facilities, and Public Conveniences.
Through this diverse portfolio of properties we’re able to provide a host of important services such as libraries, sport, recreational, hospitality, arts and culture, aged care, tourism information and tourist attractions, commercial opportunities, civil works, public facilities and city administration.

Download a list of City of Holdfast Bay buildings(150 kb)


Across our city, a large ‘urban forest’ of trees weaves its way through the streets and along the foreshore. These street trees enhance the beauty of our neighbourhoods and include native and introduced species, as well as our iconic, historic Norfolk Island Pines.

Key contacts: 
Please call Customer Service on (08) 8229 9999 if:

  • Work is required on your street trees
  • You wish to plant a tree in your street or on Council land
  • You wish to remove or significantly prune a regulated tree (circumference greater than 2m) or a significant tree (circumference greater than 3m) or a historically important tree.

To view what trees can be planted in your street please download the Street Tree Planting Guide - April 2018(3746 kb).

For information about planting a tree on your verge please refer to the Tree Management Policy and Street Tree Planting Application.

For the pruning of trees near powerlines, please contact SA Power Networks via their website or by phoning 131 261.

Open Spaces

Our popular and attractive open spaces range from natural reserves to meticulously maintained sports fields and tree-studded parklands. We work closely with numerous community stakeholders including sporting clubs and environmental organisations, to ensure that our spaces are used appropriately and sustainably by a broad cross-section of the community.


The famous coastline that forms our western boundary is possibly our most well-known and popular asset. But by its very nature, it demands a great deal of care and attention – not just in maintaining the beaches, but also the coastal infrastructure such as jetties, foreshore facilities and foreshore protection initiatives.
We actively maintain the beaches, keeping them clean, safe and well-groomed.

Kerbs and Watertable

Functional kerbing and guttering is vital for maintaining safe streets and driving conditions, and to prevent flooding of properties. With hundreds of kilometres of kerbing to manage, and the unpredictable nature of rainfall, the quality of our street guttering is constantly monitored and always repaired where necessary.

Traffic and Transport

While we are proud to be one of the state’s most popular visitor destinations, our appeal also brings with it higher than normal traffic and vehicle numbers. We strive to ensure we balance the needs of residents, businesses and visitors by observing and addressing issues of traffic flow, residential access and parking.

If you notice hoon driving, please contact SA Police on 131 444


Council manages two historically significant cemeteries: the North Brighton Cemetery, which dates from 1863, and St Jude’s, which was established in 1854 and includes the graves of Sir Douglas Mawson and Sir William Ashton.

For more details please visit Cemeteries.

Key contacts:

Adelaide Cemeteries Authority (08) 8139 7400 or email on
Local History Officer (08) 8296 7500


The historic Alwyndor property was originally built in 1901 as a homestead for Henry Percival Riddle. Now owned and managed by Council, Alwyndor is a highly respected aged care facility offering a range of residential and community care services.

For more details visit


The Patawalonga Lake system – locally nicknamed “The Pat” – is an artificial lagoon managed by the state government, and plays an important role in local flood prevention, stormwater management and marine ecology.

For more details please visit Locks

Key contacts
• Environmental (E.P.A):  8204 2004 (all hours)



Residents are required to maintain the verge at the front/side of your home. Verge maintenance includes watering, mowing and weeding.

Weed spraying

Council will regularly spray weeds on the footpath and verge outside your home. If you don't want the Council to spray outside your home, ask to be included on the Council's No Weed Spray List by contacting Customer Service on 8229 9999 or send an email to

Planting on or redeveloping a verge

You can plant lawn, ground covers and small shrubs (under 500mm in height) on the verge outside your home. Before planting or redeveloping, please refer to the Verge Management Policy and  Verge Management Application Form(80 kb)  to make sure that your plans meet the required standards. 

The Council cannot help with planting new lawn, excavating existing material, reinstate dolomite, supplying plants or looking after new plants.

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