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Shining more light on Jetty Road, Brighton

Shining more light on Jetty Road, Brighton

Shining more light on Jetty Road, Brighton

Thursday 2 March 2023

Jetty Road at Brighton has received a lighting makeover – with even more improvements being planned.

LED globes, which are up to 82% more energy efficient than existing mercury vapour lamps, have been fitted to 15 light poles along the western end of the street.

In addition to the change in globes, work has been undertaken around the street’s commercial precinct to improve ambient lighting on footpaths.

The installation of more than 30 LED solar bollards will be completed in the coming weeks, to increase ambient lighting at the footpath level to help improve visibility and accessibility.

The majority will replace existing bollards with 14 new solar bollards to be added to the streetscape.

The change to LED lights along the street is part of Council’s overall plan, in partnership with SA Power Networks, to fit LEDs into all 2,550 streetlights across the city.

The new LED lights use a fraction of the power at only 14 watts and have already reduced the amount of power used by our streetlights by about half.

As detailed in Council’s Environment Strategy, there has already been a 13.6% decrease in Council’s CO2 greenhouse emissions through changing streetlights to LED. This is equal to about 259 tonnes of emissions.

The street lighting system has been tested to ensure the LED globes meet relevant Australian Standards for safety and light levels.

The old streetlights that have been removed will be recycled responsibly to prevent heavy metals (i.e. mercury) and other hazardous substances from entering landfill.

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