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Waste Education

Waste Education

Free Waste Education presentations for Education Centres and Community Groups

We are committed to best practice waste management and have an Environmental Education and Projects Officer available to deliver free presentations and workshops to promote recycling and ethical waste management practices for residents, community groups, and schools.

Waste education presentations and workshops available include the following topics:

  • The Three-Bin Kerbside System
  • Recycling - the importance of recycling right
  • What happens to waste once it leaves the kerb
  • Electronic Waste and Tricky Waste
  • Waste minimisation and avoidance
  • Composting and Worm Farms
  • Smart Shopping: Buying Green

Sessions are interactive, fun, and flexible, and can be tailored to suit the needs of your group. You can combine any one of the above topics to suit your specific questions about waste. Sessions are normally 40-50 minutes but can be as short as a 20-30 minute talk, right through to a longer two-hour workshop, depending on your needs.

How to book a Waste Education Session, Workshop or Presentation

Contact the Environmental Education and Projects Officer

Waste education sessions and expert advice on waste management practices are FREE to community groups and individual residents. Assembly presentations and meetings with staff and parents are FREE of charge, as is assistance for curriculum planning or general advice about waste management.

Education Resources

There are many fantastic resources available to help people and students better understand waste management and sustainability issues.
Resources are available online from the following sites