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Waste Collection

Waste Collection

All households have now moved across to default weekly green FOGO and fortnightly landfill bin collections.

As a resident of the City of Holdfast Bay, you can access a wide range of services for reusing, recycling, or disposing of unwanted household items and materials. Each rateable household in Holdfast Bay is entitled to:

  • one 240L yellow lid recycling bin.
  • one 240L green lid organics bin.
  • one 140L red lid landfill bin.

Additional services can be arranged with a private waste contractor.
To ensure your bins are collected please place them out the day before or by 6am the day of collection and bring them in within 24 hours.

When is My Bin Collection Day?

Download our Waste Collection calendar to find out when your collection day is. The Waste Collection Calendar is also distributed to residents every year.
With the exception of Christmas and New Year's Day, collections will occur as normal on public holidays.

Alternatively, get notified of your collection day by using the My Holdfast app to send weekly reminders to your phone which alerts you to bins go out the night before collection.

Apple users can download it via the App store. Android users can download it via the Google Play Store. Enter “My Holdfast” into the search bar and look for the wave symbol. Then simply download and use.

Remember to bring your bin in within 24 hours of it being emptied.

What can I put in each bin?

The three-bin system allows for residents to use a weekly general waste collection and fortnightly recycling and green waste collections (alternating weeks for recycling and green waste).

Green lid (FOGO)

Anything that grows can go in the green Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) bin; All organic matter (such as food, grass clippings, flowers, and plants) and contaminated paper products (such as dirty paper towel, tissues, 100% clay, and paper-based kitty litter) can go in the FOGO bin.

Households with a kerbside bin service are entitled to one kitchen caddy and roll of 75 compostable bags to assist with the disposal of food scraps into the green organic bin. To have a basket delivered to your property please call customer service.

Households can collect a new roll of compostable bags from the Brighton Civic Centre or Glenelg Library. Limit of one roll per household.

Yellow lid (Recycling)

Items that can go in the recycling yellow lid bin include; Paper and cardboard products, tins, cans, glass bottles, jars, and hard plastics containers.

Red lid (Landfill)

There are very few items that now need to go in the general waste/landfill red lid bin; disposable nappies, sanitary items, soft plastics (such as plastic bags, film, and wrappers), polystyrene, broken crockery, and broken glass.

Missed and damaged bins

Missed and damaged bins

If your bin was not emptied or is damaged and in need of repair or replacement call or email Solo Resource Recovery between 7am and 6pm (Monday to Friday)

How do I order Bins for a new property?

Call or email Solo Resource Recovery between 7am and 6pm (Monday to Friday) or email

How do I replace a missing bin?

Complete the missing bin form below to apply for a new bin. Once the form has been received and approved, bins will be replaced within two working days.

What do I do with my bins if my property is being demolished?

If your property is due for demolition contact us at (08) 8229 9999 to arrange for the bins to be collected. Once the property is developed and occupied please contact us to arrange the delivery of bins.

Request to replace a missing bin

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If your bin is damaged, you require additional bins or are moving into a newly built property, please call Solo Resource Recovery on 8295 5077. Thank you.
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