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Household Chemicals and Paint Drop-off Depot at Dry Creek

The Household Chemicals and Paint Drop-off Depot (run by Green Industries South Australia) offers a free safe hazardous wastes disposal service. This service is available to households and farmers (not businesses) and operates on the first Tuesday of every month between 9 am and 12 noon.

Where is the Household Chemical and Paint Drop-off Waste Depot?

Corner of Magazine Road and Henschke Street in Dry Creek (see map).

What can I dispose of free of charge?

  • Pesticides
  • Solvents
  • Acids and alkalis
  • Liquid paints (up to 20 litres)
  • LPG cylinders (that hold up top 9.0 kg of gas)
  • Photographic chemicals
  • Batteries
  • Coolants
  • Pool chemicals
  • Other household chemicals

What can’t I dispose of?

  • Waste generated by business and government agencies
  • Any hazardous waste collected for a fee or reward.
  • Explosives and ammunition - contact your local police station
  • Any household hazardous waste collected for fee or reward
  • Asbestos and tyres - contact the EPA on (08) 8204 2004
  • Fertiliser
  • Empty containers
  • Radioactive materials

For more information

Green Industries SA
Tel: (08) 8204 2051


City of Holdfast Bay Customer Service

Tel: (08) 8229 9999