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If you've said Yes to weekly FOGO and are passionate about choosing the right bin for food and garden waste, become a FOGO champion.

Our group of FOGO champions are helping to promote the weekly FOGO trial within the community and have lots of great waste tips to share as well.

Read their waste tips, watch their videos and find out how you too can become a FOGO champion.

S from Kingston Park

Sharni from Kingston Park

Why I signed up: We love green FOGO bins and my landfill bin is empty most weeks.

Waste tip: Check with your local café to see if they use compostable cups, as these can go in the FOGO bin.

Watch Sharni's video here

the White family

The White family from Seacliff

Why did we sign up: To make the environment a better place.

Waste tip: We feed vegetable scraps to our chickens. What our chickens can’t eat goes in the FOGO bin.

Watch the White family's video here

Deb and John from Somerton Park

Deb and John from Somerton Park

Why did we sign up: to minimise landfill.
Waste tip: I have two kitchen caddies; one for peelings for home composting and one for other food scraps that go in the green FOGO bin.

Watch Deb And John's video here

two girls with  green waste bin

Taylor and Leila from North Brighton

Why I signed up: When you put food scraps in the kitchen caddy, you help the farmers.

Waste tip: Use your kitchen caddy to collect your food scraps.

Watch Taylor and Leila's video here

Malcolm and Lynda from Somerton

Malcolm and Lynda from Seacliff

Why I signed up: We feel it’s important to recycle as much as possible and avoid waste to landfill.

Waste tip: Place all your pet waste in the FOGO bin including paper and clay-based kitty litter.

Watch Malcolm and Lynda video

woman with green waste bin

Rebecca from Somerton Park

Why I signed up: I am passionate about waste – I get called the bin police at home!

Waste tip: Put your greasy pizza boxes in the FOGO bin.

Watch Bec's Video

FOGO launch video

Find out more about the Holdfast FOGO pilot program

Contact details and sign up form

If you are interested in becoming a champion please contact Shani Wood, Environmental Officer.

If you live in the pilot zones of; Kingston Park, Seacliff and parts of Somerton Park and North Brighton and would like to sign up to the trial online, click on the website below.