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Pet Pals

mature lady with dog

The Pet Pals program provides support to eligible residents and their pets. The aim of the program is to help residents maintain their pets health and wellbeing so they can continue to provide companionship in their own homes.

Who is it for?

The Pet Pals program is for eligible Holdfast Bay residents who find it difficult to maintain responsible pet ownership due to their frailty, illness or disability.

What we offer

  • Dog walking/ exercising - Dogs require regular exercise to maintain both their physical and mental health. A Pet Pal can be arranged to regularly walk or play with your pet.
  • Grooming/Hygiene - Pets and their environment need to be kept clean and well maintained. Pet Pals may be able to assist with tasks such as brushing pets, cleaning fish bowls or cleaning bird cages.
  • Transport - Periodic visits to a veterinarian are an important part of responsible pet ownership. Pet Pals can drive you and your pet to and from vet appointments or transport you to your local grooming salon.

Pets we assist with

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Fish in small fish tanks
  • Caged birds

Other small pets may be considered upon assessment.

Community Wellbeing Team