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Parking Restrictions

Parking Restrictions

We ask that all our residents and visitors adhere to our parking regulations in an effort to keep our street safe.

It is an offence to park in the following areas:

  • Active bicycle lanes, continuous yellow lines and signed 'No Stopping' areas.
  • Entrances, driveways or pedestrian crossing places.
  • Disabled parking (unless you own and display a disabled permit).
  • Special service parking and bus zones - including parking for buses, taxis, and some commercial vehicles and for loading purposes.
  • Intersections - it is an offence to park a vehicle within ten metres of an intersection or junction of streets or roads. The ten metres are measured from the edge of the gutter.
  • Reserves and footpaths.
  • Driveways.

It is an offense to leave semi-trailers and trucks parked on any roadway in the City of Holdfast Bay for longer than one hour if they exceed 7.5metres in length or 4.5 tonnes in weight. This regulation applies to all streets and roads within the city, including industrial areas.

Time limits apply to some council-owned car parks and streets. They have been set to keep car parks available for shoppers and should not be used for all-day parking.

We are authorised to remove abandoned vehicles from a public place but all attempts will be made to locate the owner first for them to remove the vehicle. If the owner contacts us, the vehicle is not considered abandoned and may still remain stationary until repairs or tow can be arranged by the owner.

When we notice an abandoned vehicle we may:

  • Place a notice on the vehicle advising it has been reported as abandoned and requesting they move the vehicle and contact us.
  • If the vehicle does not move and we have not had contact from the owner, we may complete a vehicle search through the Dept. of Infrastructure and Transport, to obtain the owner's details.
  • We may then send the owner a letter requesting they move the vehicle and contact us.
  • If the vehicle does not move and we have had no contact from the owner within 14 days the vehicle may be towed.

A vehicle is deemed not parallel parked if it is not aligned as closely as possible with the line of the kerb. Furthermore, it is an offence to park a vehicle so that it is facing opposite the legal driving direction on the side of the road that it is parked. Parking between a parked vehicle and the centre of the road to pick up or drop off is an offence.