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Various permit applications are available to make parking in The City of Holdfast Bay easier. Please complete the appropriate application form below and return to us as per the application instructions if you wish to apply for a permit.

Three Hour Exemption Parking for Residents

To ensure that residents have reasonable access to parking for their premises, and retailers are not disadvantaged by all-day parking occupying potential customer parking areas, Council has established three (3) hour time limit zones.

Three-hour time limit zones have been created within the area bounded by Anzac Highway and Jetty Road, and Brighton Road to Colley Terrace. Both sides of Anzac Highway west of Brighton Road, Marion Street, Maturin Road, Olive Street, and a portion of Kent Street are also included. The three-hour zone applies seven days per week from 9am to 6pm to all previously unrestricted areas within the defined area, and does not affect other existing parking restrictions.

Residents who have insufficient off-street parking for their vehicles may apply for a parking permit that will enable all-day parking.

Retailers and employees within the central shopping precinct are encouraged to park alternatively in the paid car parking areas or to utilise other on and off-street parking options.

Elizabeth Street Car Parking Permit

Anyone may apply for this permit. Elizabeth Street car parking permit $193 per month.