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Green Living is about the philosophy of our whole lives. Whether it's growing your own veggies, buying green power, or using public transport, we can be and think green in every aspect of our lives.

Eco shopper

Eco-shoppers reduce the amount of waste they produce by making environmentally conscious decisions when it comes to buying products.

Tips to Eco-shopping include:

  • Buy products with minimal and/or recyclable packaging.
  • Remember to bring your green bags to the shops.
  • Buy in bulk.
  • Shop at places that allow you to purchase food, drink, shampoo, laundry detergent, and similar items in reusable containers (such as honey from a health food shop, dry goods from a bulk supplier, or using a reusable cup to purchase take away hot beverages).

Green Living Subsidies

We offer rebates on a number of products that assist our community to live a greener lifestyle. Whilst funds last, households and businesses can receive one rebate per financial year on the following items*;

Worm farm or compost bin50% / up to $40
Nest Boxes for native animals50% / up to $30
Indigenous plants (purchased from the indigenous plant seller)50%/ up to $30
Rainwater tank purchase50% /up to $100
Plumbing for Rainwater tank50% / up to $100
House insulation50% / up to $100
Bee hotel50% / up to $30
Modern Cloth Nappies/Reusable Menstrual Items50% / up to $100
Cool roofs50% / up to $100

*Terms and conditions apply.

Items must have been purchased in the 2022-23 financial year. To claim your rebate simply complete the Green Living Subsidies Form and send it in with proof of item purchase (receipt) and residency (rates notice or drivers license) to or
post to;
City of Holdfast Bay,
PO Box 19,
SA 5048

Green Living Gardens

Urban gardens are important spaces in which our native plants and animals can thrive given the right assistance.

We recommend the advice provided in these guides. They have been well-researched by experts and put together by gardeners, ecologists, and landscape architects thanks to Green Adelaide and Hills & Fleurieu Landscape Boards. They provide advice about native plants that you can use in place of common garden 'weedy' plants, landscaping design advice, and how to find and grow native plants.

And remember our Green Living Subsidies include the purchase of native plants to get you started on your native garden journey.

Reusable cup discounts

Did you know that in Australia alone, 200 million disposable coffee cups end up in landfill each year?
Using a reusable cup when buying hot beverages is not only great for the environment but can also save you money.

The cafes listed below offer a discount to customers who take their own cups to purchase hot beverages


The Beachouse50 cents off
Boomers on the beach10% off
Bracegirdle's50 cents off
Cibo Espresso5% off
Fleurieu Bites20 cents off
Gloria Jean's50 cent off
Il Kafe10% off
Mockingbird Lounge50 cents off
Organik store and Cafe50 cent off
Sabai cafe50 cent off
St. Louis House of Fine Ice cream and desserts10% off
The Annex50 cents off
Feed, Jetty Road50 cents off
Seafaring Fools50 cents off
Stamford Grand Bar$1 off



Brighton Jetty Bakery10% off
Royal Copenhagen Ice Cream Co.50 cents off
Esplanade hotel50 cents off
Edge Deli50 cent off
Cafe Lune10% off
Miss 504850 cents off



Good Day50 cents off