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Pine Gully stormwater works progressing

Pine Gully stormwater works progressing

Pine Gully stormwater works progressing

Tuesday 4 April 2023

Stormwater works to protect Pine Gully for future generations have progressed significantly in the past few weeks, with the installation of pipes and pits at the top of the gully.

Two of three concrete pipe runs, which are 14 metres in length, are already in place and two of the three large-size pit structures have also been craned into position.

These rectangle-shaped boxes are located where the pipe either changes direction or has a significant level drop.

One more pit remains to be done and then a culvert will be installed with a concrete headwall.

When complete, the pipes and pits will be covered with dirt, and revegetation of the gully's slopes will then take place.

As part of the plans for the site, a walking trail will be built through the gully with steps to link to the laneway at Pine Avenue and earthworks have begun ahead of the stairs being built.

The remaining erosion control works will continue for several more weeks with further rock-lined channel installation and shaping of the gully base.

The installation of the stormwater pits and pipes is to help manage the vast amount of water that gushes through the area after a downpour and prevent rubbish and silt from washing out to sea.

Landscaping works within the gully started in mid-2021, with the extensive removal of many introduced tree species and weeds, followed by soil stabilisation with an organic, turquoise-green product that was sprayed onto the slopes.

Council consulted with the Kaurna Nation and received advice prior to the stormwater works commencing in November 2022.

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