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Mobile printing

Mobile printing

How to print from you device to the library printers

Our mobile printing service allows you to send documents from your laptop, PC, or mobile device to print to any of our library's printers from anywhere.
Simply submit documents to print at the library and then come in to release and collect them.

There are three ways that you can print:

  • Complete the online form (see below) for either Brighton or Glenelg.
  • Download and use the free PrinterOn app available for iOS and Android - The PrinterOn app is packed with features that make using Mobile Printing very easy.
  • Email your print job to the printer.

Online print forms

Get the PrinterOn App

Email the printer

You can email your print job directly to our printers and then come and collect it when you are ready.
We will hold it in the system for 7 days.

To do this, choose one of the printers to email your documents to from the lists below.