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13 Aug 2022
HMAS Glenelg Freedom of Entry

The HMAS Glenelg Commanding Officer and his crew will perform a Freedom of Entry through Glenelg
Saturday 13 August at 9:00am - 10:00am
Events Team

The tradition of Freedom of Entry dates back centuries, when trusted military units would be granted access to walled cities and towns to replenish their food stocks and arms, as well as receive medical treatment, thereby being granted freedom to the city for these requirements. More recently, Freedom of Entry has come to signify trust and respect between a city or locale and its namesake unit, highlighting the importance of connection.

The ceremony of granting Freedom of Entry to a naval unit is centred on a procession that begins at a suitable staging point within the town or city involved. The unit concerned is formed up at 9.10am on Waterloo Street and inspected by the Lord Mayor. The unit then marches down Jetty Road at 9.30am to St Andrew's Church by the Sea (the challenge point) where it is halted by a senior police officer and the Navy Commanding Officer delivers a short address and is presented with a scroll granting Freedom of Entry. The march then continues to Moseley Square.

Road Closure

The ‘HMAS Glenelg Freedom of Entry March’ is an event to which this section applies and the following roads within the City of Holdfast Bay will be closed to traffic between the listed times on Saturday 13 August 2022:

Between 7am and 10.30am

  • Jetty Road Glenelg, between Colley Terrace and Byron street intersection
  • Waterloo Street Glenelg, between Jetty Road and Augusta street intersection
  • Colley Terrace Glenelg, between Jetty Road and Augusta Street
  • Moseley Street Glenelg, between Elizabeth Street and Jetty Road

For further information regarding the temporary road closures, contact Council’s Traffic team on 8229 9999 or

The last tram and bus service down Jetty Rd will be at 9am and buses will be redirected to High Street.

The traffic closure will be advertised via the appropriate channels and residents and businesses will be notified.

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