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19 May 2022
Historic Seacliff & Kingston Park Walk

Our newest walk in the series of historic walks across Holdfast Bay is now available!
Thursday 19 May (all day)
Courtney Barry
  • Thursday 19 May (all day)
  • Friday 20th May 2022 (all day)
  • Saturday 21st May 2022 (all day)
  • Sunday 22nd May 2022 (all day)
  • Monday 23rd May 2022 (all day)
  • Tuesday 24th May 2022 (all day)
  • Wednesday 25th May 2022 (all day)
  • Thursday 26th May 2022 (all day)
  • Friday 27th May 2022 (all day)
  • Saturday 28th May 2022 (all day)
  • Sunday 29th May 2022 (all day)
  • Monday 30th May 2022 (all day)

Grab your copy of the printed Seacliff & Kingston Park walking brochure now from the Brighton and Glenleg libraries, Brighton Civic Centre and Glenelg's Bay Discovery Centre or download your copy below. Put your walking shoes on and step back in time to discover the hidden stories of Wheatland Street, the Esplanade and Kingston Park's open spaces.