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Green Living - Modern Cloth Nappies

Green Living - Modern Cloth Nappies

21 Jun 2023
Green Living - Modern Cloth Nappies

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A 90 minute workshop providing participants with the knowledge, awareness and confidence needed to start using cloth nappies for children.
Wednesday 21 June at 10:30am - 12:00pm
Brighton Civic Centre
Workshop participant - $5
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Shani Wood

Did you know the average child goes through 6,500 nappy changes by the time they are toilet trained? Using cloth nappies is better for the environment and can save a family more than $2000!

Join Emma Avery for a 90-minute interactive workshop, where participants will:

• Understand the different types and styles which can be applied to any brand of modern cloth nappies on the Australian market

• Know the correct process for laundering modern cloth nappies at home and

• Be able to troubleshoot problems such as leaks and correct fit.

The City of Holdfast Bay participants will also be able to purchase a heavily discounted 6-nappy starter pack for just $50 (valued at $195)

The City of Holdfast Bay funds this Resilient South event and is open to all who work, stay, and play in the Cities of Holdfast Bay, Marion, Mitcham, and Onkaparinga councils.