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Are you a local arts organisation, group, or individual? Do you have a workshop, performance, live music, cultural tour, or exhibition planned or scheduled in the upcoming winter season?

If so we want to hear from you, we’re keen to help promote the amazing arts and cultural activities, workshops, and events held in Holdfast Bay in the Creative Holdfast Winter Program (CHWP).

The CHWP will be based online and advertised through council and is a great opportunity for artists and musicians to advertise their arts and culture initiative, performance, concert, or event and reach new audiences. We will also do a limited print of the programs that are shared amongst our community at local venues.

If you are interested in advertising and promoting your event, please complete and submit this form below

Please note every effort will be taken to include activities and events held within the Holdfast Bay area in the CHWP by the Creative Holdfast Team, with their decision being final.

Applications close 5pm, Friday 4 March 2022

if free type $0

please include a link to your Facebook or Instagram account

please upload any supporting material, posters, flyers or images etc.

Thank you for sharing your arts & cultural activity / event information. The Creative Holdfast team will assess the information for inclusion of the Creative Holdfast Program and get back to you if we need further details.