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Each month we showcase an iconic or loved tree in Holdfast Bay. Proudly donning a blue sash, the tree of the month aims to increase the awareness trees in the City of Holdfast Bay, shining a spot light on the important role trees play in our city (increased biodiversity, cooling, clean air and connection to nature).

Do you know a tree in the City of Holdfast Bay that deserves a shout out? Nominate your favourite tree by completing the form below.

August 2021 - Norfolk Island Pine - Broadway, Glenelg South


August’s Tree of the Month is in memory of councillor Mikki Bouchee, who sadly passed away late last month. This spectacular Norfolk Island Pine, on the Broadway at Glenelg South, was one of Mikki's favourites and she affectionately referred to it as Cecil.

July 2021 - Red Gum, Corner of Brighton Road and Cudmore Street.
Red gum

A tree that pre-dates European settlement has been chosen as our Tree of the Month for July – and isn’t it spectacular?

Nominated by Councillor Will Miller and his friend Byron, this very tall Red Gum stands proudly at the corner of Brighton Road and Cudmore Street, Somerton Park. One of the oldest standing trees in the area, this quintessential Australian tree rises 25 metres above the busy Brighton Road with a canopy that reaches outwards to 12 metres in all directions.

June 2021 - Sheoak (Allocasuarina verticillata), Gilbertson Gully

This unassuming tree is small native tree that lives in Gilbertson Gully, near the near sign, on Thomas Street.

The tree produces cones which is of particular appeal to the vulnerable yellow-tailed black cockatoo.

Another interesting feature of the sheoak is the fact that it is dioecious - meaning that the tree is either female or male. Luckily for the yellow-tailed cockatoo, this one is a female specimen so she produces the seeds for which the birds have a particular fondness.

To further appeal to our native critters, this lovely sheoak coexists in harmony with a mistletoe plant, which attracts the tiny and vibrant mistletoe bird making this tree a biodiversity power-house.

May 2021 - The Ombu Tree, Glenelg

Holdfast Bay’s most impressive specimen!

The Ombu Tree, botanically known as the Phytolacca dioica, is a stand-out specimen situated within the grounds of Partridge House.

Far away from its natural habitat of South and Central America, this species forms masses of peculiar stems with soft, flexible qualities to the wood.

This particular specimen boasts 20 stems, that makes for a wonderful climbing tree – so wonderful in fact that the playground next to it is often overlooked by children in favour of the tree.

With such soft characteristics to the wood, the tree has evolved to support a level of toxicity as a first line of defence. It’s due to this, that the Ombu tree is able to get up and out the way of grazing cattle, providing a predominant source of important shade and refuge across the South and Central American continent.

For us in Australia, this generous shade given by the Ombu is just as appreciated along with all the other outstanding attributes it brings.

Believed to more than 120 years old, this veteran tree earns an honourable position as Holdfast Bay’s Tree of the Month for May.

April 2021 - Red Flowering Gum, Glenelg East
Red flowing gum

The Tree of the Month for April goes to this magnificent and significant Red Flowering Gum (Corymbia ficifolia) located at 15 Sixth Avenue in Glenelg East. This Western Australian gem throws out an extensive 13 metre spread of thick luscious canopy. This strong and robust specimen continues to serve us well in keeping our suburb a little bit cooler through our long intense summers. Not to mention all the oxygen, habitat and character this impressive tree brings to the area. Congratulations Red Flowering Gum at 15 Sixth Avenue. You are truly appreciated.

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