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In 2020–21, Council will allocate $58.4 million to building a healthy, active and resilient community; celebrating culture and diversity; providing welcoming, accessible facilities; and fostering an engaged, contributing community.
Somerton Park Yacht Club Refurbishment – $150,000

The Somerton Yacht Club was built in 1950. Since that time, the building has had no internal or external upgrades. Club members have raised concerns about the safety of access to the viewing tower. The current access point is located behind the bar with members having to climb a ladder through a square hatch opening.

Redevelopment of Brighton Civic Centre into Community Hub – $85,000

Council will undertake a feasibility study for the redevelopment of Brighton Civic Centre as a community hub. The aim is to create a place where the community and Council can engage, innovate, collaborate and learn in usable and flexible spaces. As well as optimising the heritage value of the original council building, the concept design will consider best use of the remainder of the site to optimise service delivery.

Christmas Decorations – Glenelg and Brighton – $250,000

A budget has been allocated for the creation of new Christmas displays across the main economic precincts of the city to create a cohesive atmosphere and capture the Christmas spirit.

Kauri Community and Sports Centre Public Toilets – $50,000

We will install an external public toilet to improve the amenity of the outdoor areas of the Kauri Community and Sports Centre Precinct.

Improvements to Brighton North and St Jude Cemeteries – $40,000

This will be the first phase of a five-year program to update and improve the tired infrastructure of our city’s cemeteries. It will include repairs to unsafe pathways, installation of new benches and bins and the development of landscaping to provide a safe and more pleasant environment for visitors.

Upgrade of Children’s Toilets at the Holdfast Bay Community Centre – $97,000

We will upgrade the toilet facilities in the kinder gym and childcare building of Holdfast Bay Community Centre to comply with current codes.

Glenelg Cricket Club – $90,000

We will upgrade the Glenelg Cricket Club change rooms and toilets to be unisex

Energy/Battery Storage Systems for Community Centres and Other Buildings – $30,000

Building on Council’s renewable energy and solar upgrade projects, staff will investigate and install suitable battery storage at our community centres to reduce the operational costs of these facilities.

Street Signage Dedicated to Victoria Cross Recipients – $10,000

There are currently six streets in Glenelg named after Victoria Cross (VC) recipients. This project will further recognise these recipients with an additional street sign on each pole, featuring information about the VC recipient.

Arts and Culture Strategy: War Animal Memorial Artwork – $30,000

The City of Holdfast Bay will commission and install an artwork at Glenelg to honour the work of service animals. The artwork will create a poignant memorial acknowledging the important, selfless and loyal contribution that animals make during conflict. In 2019, Minister Scott Buchholz announced in Federal Parliament that the 24 February will be the national day to officially recognise the role of war animals.


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In 2020–2021 Council will allocate $10.2 million to protecting biodiversity; building an environmentally resilient city; using resources efficiently; and fostering an environmentally connected community.
Environmental Strategy: Coastal Adaptation Scoping Study – $30,000

Our coast is home to some of Australia’s most popular and iconic beaches which are threatened by sea-level rise within the next 50 years. Coastal adaptation planning is a long, complex process that needs to be started immediately to mitigate the risks and impacts. This scoping study is the first step. It will identify stakeholders, gather historical data and develop an engagement strategy to enable Council to understand the associated needs, risks, vulnerabilities and adaptation options. This project is subject to grant funding from the Coast Protection Board.

Food Organics/Green Organics Weekly Collection 12 Month Trial – $57,500, additional grant funding received

2,500 residents will participate in an opt-out pilot project to change bin collection frequencies to weekly for food and green organics, and fortnightly for general waste. Recycling collections will remain unchanged, however, a range of flexible options will enable larger households and those using nappies to participate in the trial. Similar trials have been shown to increase the amount of organic waste diverted away from landfill, helping councils save money on waste management fees, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support job growth in the circular economy. The project is subject to successful grant funding from Green Industries SA

Install Two Sand Groynes – $50,000

Sand groynes have been progressively installed along the coast to reduce the movement and loss of sand from our beaches. Six sand groynes have been installed to date. An additional two sand groynes are proposed in the segment between Brighton Jetty and Minda. A final third groyne is proposed for a future financial year.

Stormwater Management Plan Implementation - $1.2 million

In 2014, the City of Holdfast Bay partnered with the City of Marion to develop a stormwater management plan. The plan identified high-risk flooding areas together with strategies to improve water quality and reduce runoff to the marine environment. In 2020–21, Council will investigate, design and build infrastructure identified as high priority to reduce major property flooding and minor nuisance flooding, thereby reducing risk to the community.

Energy Efficient Upgrades to Council Facilities – $60,000

In line with the recommendations from recent audits of lighting, water usage, cooling systems, water storage and building management at council facilities, Council will implement upgrades to reduce energy consumption and energy costs and help us meet our climate and sustainability targets.

Renewable Energy Upgrades (Solar Systems/Energy Monitoring) – $100,000

Council will identify and implement renewable energy upgrades including solar, wind generation and battery storage at various sites to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Seacliff Beach Access Safety Improvements – $69,500

This project will improve the beach access ramp entry, including improved signage and two new pedestrian access points adjacent to the ramp to improve safety for beach users and pedestrians where the Coast Park trail crosses the beach access ramp at Seacliff.


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In 2020–2021 Council will allocate $48.8 million to supporting and growing local business; making it easier to do business; harnessing emerging technology; and boosting our visitor economy.
What’s On Down The Bay Beach Signage – $11,700

Signposts incorporating interchangeable signage will be installed alongside beach entrances between Glenelg and Brighton to showcase the many events in the City of Holdfast Bay.

Bay Discovery Centre Mawson Display Upgrades – $30,000

Discovery Centre displays, including the Mawson display, will be upgraded.

Jetty Road Glenelg Street Banners – $51,200

Installing banners at the eastern end and replacing banners at the western end of the mainstreet to create a cohesive and contemporary look for Jetty Road Glenelg.

Brighton Caravan Park – Stage Two Redevelopment (Year 1 of 2) – $750,000

As a key, income-generating council business, the Brighton Caravan Park helps to alleviate the rate burden on residents and private businesses. However, its infrastructure is rapidly aging, compromising the future commercial success of the park. Subject to business case, Council will replace timeworn facilities with new sites, cabins and administration buildings. This will create stronger visitor appeal, grow the commercial revenue of the caravan park and enhance the city’s tourism activities.

Kauri Parade Sports Precinct and Buildings WiFi System – $15,000

To continue to provide contemporary and quality services to the users of the Kauri Community and Sports Centre, we will install a wireless internet network

for the precinct and building. This will expand the range of activities and programs that can be offered to the community. WiFi will also allow us to explore opportunities for smart technology throughout the complex using the building management system (BMS)


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In 2020 – 21, Council will allocate $13.6 million to creating vibrant and safe places; developing walkable, connected neighbourhoods; building character and celebrating history; and housing a diverse population
Kingston Park Kiosk (Year 1 of 2) – $300,000

The Kingston Park kiosk is used by residents, caravan park customers and coastal pathway users. Proposed over two financial years, and subject to a business case, the proposed project includes the design and construction of a new kiosk at Kingston Park near the Brighton Caravan Park to replace the existing kiosk which is past its end of life. The design of the new facility will be sensitive to its location and the construction materials will be suitable for coastal locations.

Upgrade of Compliant Kerb Ramps to Meet DDA Requirements – $50,000

The City of Holdfast Bay has over 300 km of footpaths and over 3,000 kerb ramps. Of these over 1,600 are non-compliant and difficult to negotiate for vulnerable road users. Improvements include relocation, alteration of the slope and tactile indicators to help sight-impaired users. This four-year program is an important part of our disability action inclusion plan. Works will be prioritised according to risk, the number of vulnerable users, location and extent of works required.

Beach Access Sign Replacement (Year One of Three) – $50,000

This three-year program will replace outdated and dilapidated beach access signage. The replacement signs contain current and relevant information for each location and are constructed to be suitable for coastal applications

Rugless Terrace, Glenelg East, Pedestrian Refuge and Lighting Upgrade – $20,000

A pedestrian refuge will be installed and lighting will be upgraded to improve pedestrian safety for school children and oval users when crossing Rugless Terrace, Glenelg East.

Seacliff Toilets – $400,000

The Seacliff public toilets are located on the Esplanade at Seacliff serving users of both the beach and the coastal pathway. Having reached the end of their useful life, they will be replaced with a new facility including toilets, change rooms, additional external showers and a parenting space. This new facility will address a range of current compliance issues.


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In 2020 – 21, Council will allocate $11.4 million to providing customer-centred services; being financially accountable; enabling high performance; and supporting excellent, efficient operations.
Customer Online Booking and Service Scheduling Experience – $65,000

In response to the changing expectations of residents and businesses, Council is looking to facilitate online bookings for events, venues and services such as home maintenance. This project will scope and develop requirements for a whole of organisation solution (or range of solutions).

Audio in Kingston Room – $15,000

Audio facilities in the Kingston meeting room at the civic centre will be upgraded so that meeting participants can be heard clearly by all attendees (particularly during assessment panel meetings).

Digital Transformation – $375,000

The continued digital transformation of the business includes stage two of the customer request management project, stage two of the information and content management project, and key infrastructure changes to support the transformation.