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Zorita Banner Conservation at the Bay

Friday 3 May 2019

A three-month $20,000 project to conserve a 1950s sideshow banner will begin next week (Thursday 9 May) at Glenelg’s Bay Discover Centre.

City of Holdfast Bay Mayor Amanda Wilson, said:

“The 1950s sideshow banner titled Zorita is an integral item in the museum’s collection. It’s a sentimental link to the era of the amusement parks and sideshows that once graced our foreshore and provided delight and entertainment to locals and visitors to Glenelg.

“As a result of its age the banner has deteriorated while on display. Following advice from conservators, the piece is now in need of repair and vital stabilisation and conservation work.”

Artlab Australia will commence the stabilisation process on Thursday 9 May at the Bay Discovery Centre. Visitors to the museum on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 May will be able to watch specialist conservators undertake the first part of the stabilisation process.

Zorita will then be removed from the museum and transported to Artlab to undertake the conservation and preservation process. The process is estimated to take three months, after which the banner will be returned to display at the Bay Discovery Centre.

The project will cost $20,000, with funding provided through a grant from the National Library of Australia’s Community Heritage Grants program and funding from the City of Holdfast Bay.

People can also contribute to the preservation of our local cultural and social history by making tax deductable donations to the Bay Discovery Centre. All donations over $2 contributing to the preservation of the Zorita Banner and other preservation work at the museum and are tax deductible.

Housed in Glenelg’s Historic Town Hall, the Bay Discovery Centre is a social history museum celebrating the cultural heritage of South Australia. The Museum is a haven for history and art lovers and features objects, artefacts, documents and imagery from the City of Holdfast Bay’s history collection.

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