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Winter tree planting in full swing

Winter tree planting in full swing

Winter tree planting in full swing

Monday 25 July 2022

More than 400 trees will be planted across Holdfast Bay during this winter planting season, with Seacliff receiving more than a third of the planned plantings.

A total of 139 trees will be in the ground across Seacliff by the end of winter, with support from two grants received from Green Adelaide.

Multiple verges on Pine Avenue, opposite Seacliff Primary School, are already looking greener after they were planted with street trees and native plants, with assistance from students at the school.

Another larger verge on Silver Avenue, overgrown with woody weeds, is now home to six newly-planted SA blue gum trees and TreeNet inlets to collect stormwater. Smaller natives will be planted on the verge in the coming weeks to help boost biodiversity in the area.

Although most of the trees being planted this winter season are Lagerstroemia, which are more commonly known as crepe myrtles, the tree program is also made up of 32 differing species. This variety will ensure diversity and resilience for the next generation of trees across Holdfast Bay.

The roundabout on King George Avenue is now home to an Angophora costata, commonly known as Sydney red gum. It was planted just last week by the council’s Open Spaces team.

Among the goals listed in Council’s five-year Environment Strategy is to increase the tree canopy coverage across Holdfast Bay from 15.3% to 16.8% by 2030.

Each month, we profile a Holdfast Bay street tree on our social channels as part of our Tree of the Month campaign. Nominate your favourite tree via the link below and see all the other trees that have shared the honour since the campaign began more than a year ago.

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